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Dana F
Great Session! I thought my issues might be too heavy, but when we were done, it was like what once seemed Huge became as small as a child's toy! I sm So Grateful!
skype session I enjoy be in the presence of Tapas because she is really fully here for the client, for me at that moment and felt secure. I enjoy the session and accuracy of the intentions that made my inner child experience some good connection and moments of joy. It helped me to go on with TAT alone in order to improve my physical condition and get complety weel one day. Blessings
Attachment; An amazing journey! TAT is breathtaking! With Tapas as my trusted guide, I experience an unplanned flight, a twist and turn that reveals a beautiful vista full of freedom, choice, and love. I am aware of another interpretation, a new experience, release... The loss, attachment and anxiety feel and look different.
Julian K
Session Good session, but I don't it was enough. Next available slot is in nearly two months which is not helping with addressing the issue.
Pauline L
Healing my Heart I finished 6 sessions and I am so happy with TAT and Tapas! I cleared a lot of negative frequencies and I feel changes in me that are helping me be more in my body, my heart feels more open and softer, and I feel lighter and happier. I will schedule more sessions in the future if I need them, that's for sure. Thank you so much Tapas for your help, patience and understanding!
Ann L
Profound work Since my first session with Tapas, she has consistently been compassionate, kind, and resourceful in our work. It feels as though the work she is doing is tremendously deep and powerful, though the process is straightforward and easy. I leave each session feeling more grounded, and find later in the day I have more energy and focus. Thank you, Tapas, for the blessings of your work.
Anabel D
Private sessions I have had two private sessions so far, Tapas is amazing, this method is so easy and simple, she is so calm and positive, thank you for your great sessions, I highly recommend private sessions, so much resolved. Thank you Anabel.
Heavily burdened Sounds strange, session with a blank page! guided from darkness into LIGHT. Cloak lifted and Brightness Abounds. Blessings
Amazing!! I had the sincere pleasure of having an hourlong session with Tapas yesterday, and it has already been life altering for me. I had been stuck on some issues for quite sometime, and desperately hoped that Tapas would be able to help me heal and move forward. What happened was nothing short of miraculous. Somehow, she was able to immediately zoom in on the issues and the blockages standing in the way of their healing, and as the session progressed, I felt significant shifts occurring. A few minutes after my appointment ended, I had a huge smile on my face and felt lighter than I ever have in my entire life. In a matter of 60 minutes, I went from feeling lost in stormy seas to feeling as though I were filled with sunshine and inner peace. I am still stunned by the transformation and am looking forward to working again with Tapas soon. I am in awe of her skill, patience, and kindness, and am so very glad that I made the decision to reach out, step out of my comfort zone, and schedule an appointment. I am so very grateful. To anyone reading this who feels lost or stuck, there is hope with Tapas and TAT!
Julia B
Fantasic! As always, Tapas was compassionate, loving and light-hearted. Another fabulous session helping me to return "home" to my true self!
annie Lenox
Relief I’ve been searching a lifetime for relief from my inner critic. I found it. My body is lighter, my mind is more in the present. I can’t wait to do more. do more.
Ricky F
Brilliant and Effective Tapas has a brilliant way of seeing into the heart of whatever is presented and linking that to her effective TAT process for reframing limitations of attitude and behaviour.
60 min session I must say this was a phenomenal experience working with Tapas. She is accurate and on point with what she sees and provides service from the heart. She saw me being tormented literally up, down, and all around by a dark being dedicated to making me believe and basically programming into my life experiences --that I am beyond worthless. It was true. It was like a wall all around me. She spoke gently to the parts of me that were accepting this type of bondage and helped me to release this along with the dark being that was trying to hold me hostage as if I belonged to them. Now it feels like a more open expanded field around me. I am grateful for what God has one for me through Tapas. Thank you Tapas for serving.
Tami C
Awesome session! I truly loved my session with Tapas. She helped me get to the heart of the matter and expertly guided me where I needed to go in order to release long standing feelings and integrate a new awareness and understanding. I recommend her highly to anyone struggling with a chronic or longstanding issue that is hard to heal.
sue davis
consultation for a healing energy session It has been a while since I have been active in the TAT community and I recently sought a consultation with Tapas for what to me is a rather large transition issue. I experienced Tapas's attention now as it has been before: easy-going and happy, light-hearted, calm, focused, and sincere. Her inclusion of her ability to feel/see energy around and in my body was very helpful to me in terms of my appreciating how many aspects can come to bear on feeling stuck on an issue-my own aspects, ancestral, attached beings, and the general rock/sizzors/paper experiences we have in life. I was initially shocked at the number of energy blocks she saw (and at what she saw)-I had thought I was pretty cleared and relaxed. No wonder I was seeking some help... I am truly amazed that everything cleared within the hour time-frame. Really, how is that possible??? I love Tapas as a person, as a healer, and as a model of complete accepting presence in my life, however infrequently we might interact. I really appreciate her easy sense of humor with a process that is so BIG , life-changing, and freeing. My session was filled with remarkable experiences while it was happening and I have clearly retained more emotional freedom, less physical pain, better sleep, and more joyfulness in the days since. THANK YOU, TAPAS. You are a true light in this life and I am grateful to have had this experience with you. So very cool. With much gratitude, Sue
nina G
great session! I loved the energetic scan! Tapas described my physical issues accurately.
Kristen E
Clearing & Healing My sessions with Tapas open my heart and release so much. She's amazing!
Lizette R
my half our session This was my first half hour session with Tapas and it was great. I was thinking what can she do in just a half hour but it was just great. And I feel realy there is a distance between me and that part from my past live. Thank you my sweet teacher, I'am so thankfull that I can learn from you Tapas this wonderfull Technique. Love Lizette from Egypt
Annie L
Freedom from the self critic In three sessions with Tapas, I have processed the emotions which have stiffed my creativity for several years. I am back in my studio with gusto. I am so grateful.
Monika S
session great! Thank you for your perseverance of working with the body until better!
Lucas B
Great session Thanks Tapas for a wonderful session. Your intuitive abilities were evident during the session. I am glad to have discovered the TAT community and you as its leader. I will be back for more!!!
Douglas G
Awesome Awesome x 2!
Tracy O
Certification Student Phone Consultation Truly enjoying Tapas loving essence she has about her in our sessions. She is very astute as to what I understand or have missed the mark, steering me back on course effortlessly.
Christiane M L
Private session with Tapas It was an 'Awesome' session. I felt disturbes about sevral things and anxiety around my heart. While Tapas was adressing my heart, it transformed from a tiny heart feeling "stuck" and beating fast in a bright , very bright heart expanding light. A nice sensation of heat like a solar disk in front of my head and throught and upper chest. My heart was shining bright and I felt just laughing like a young child happy about this ! It was a strange, happy, moment sharing with Tapas this "shining".
Great session Had a wonderful and interesting surrogate TAT session for my daughter who is dealing with many medical issues, including chronic Lymes.
Marina B
great It was an amazing experience . Thank you!
Marilyn H
Always the best experience I've known, studied from, and worked with Tapas for quite a few years, and I am always deeply enriched by the quality of her work, TAT, and the great care she takes with every encounter!
Carl de Wet
Client Session with Tapas During the client session we did an energy reading on financial issues and there was a big energy blockage to clear. A great relief to clear that space.
Jacki C
Energy Session Hi Tapas… It felt like I was sheltered in a Warm Bath of Love and Acceptance from the moment our session began. You were so focused and centered on me and the issues I presented. After the session my mind was quiet and relaxed in a way I have not experienced it for some time. I am eager to follow how my health challenges are changing from the energy work. There is a definite shift. Thank You! You are a Gift to the Planet and I feel truly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you.
Great! Tapas uncovered and healed a deep conflict. It was a powerful session, thank you so much!
Help with a Relationship Tapas guided me through releasing some relationship tension. We both laughed a lot as I cleared some unhealthy memories and patterns.
Marisa M
Gratitude I think this is my fifth session working with Tapas. I feel incredibly comfortable to discuss what is going on with my energy field with Tapas. Every now and then I have issues with outward forces and Tapas is able to pin point the issue and resolve it in a quick painless way. I have a huge respect for her work and highly recommend a session for anyone who is involved in a spiritual practice or work. Thanks again Tapas
Julia B
Fantasic! As usual, you were right with me- very present and loving. You listened carefully to what I said and skillfully incorporated it into the session. I was really touched by your heartfelt response to the changes you saw in me in the post=session body scan.
Jeffrey D
Great session It was comprehensive and so much energy was moved. I feel I'm in the here and now more than before the session and who could ask for anything more. Thank you, Tappas
All gone! Tapas helped me to offload a major handicap I had installed of taking on others' pain and suffering. Don't think I have ever experienced such a massive shift! Now I don't react to the suffering and pain of others and instead I respond. A world of difference. The response is of course appropriate now. And now I know what my own actual response is, whereas before I could'nt tell whether what I was feeling was mine or anothers'. I feel like I have shrugged off a dozen Atlas's. I keep floating, nothing holding me down. Oh that Tapas Fleming! Thank you ever so.
Linda C
Deep Peace Today's work left me with a sense of improved physical body health and clarity. Thank you as always.
Molly D
Fantastic Session!!! Thank you Tapas for our wonderful and restorative session!!! I have been working with TAT for a few months now with excellent results. Many chronic emotional issues are resolving with ease. My session with Tapas helped identify and more importantly address (with TAT!!!) some longstanding energetic patterns, that I was having a challenging time shifting. Tapas performed a body scan that allowed me to understand what was going on energetically. Her scan was so completely on point and allowed me to address those issues from both an emotional and energetic perspective. As a result, the shifts have been really tremendous, and I am still (a week later) gratefully observing the transformation in my physical, mental and emotional body. Tapas was kind, compassionate, understanding and wise. She immediately put me at ease with her approachable nature. I was able to let my guard down and access even deeper healing. I am super grateful for our session and I am looking forward to working with her again soon :) I've been studying and practicing energy work for over ten years now, I am so impressed with the ease, grace and application of TAT, I have decided to enroll in the certification process myself, so I can share this beautiful process with others. Thank you Tapas, for the gifts and joy you bring to the world..I look forward to our next session! xx
Hilary G
Grateful Feeling so much lighter about this issue that has bogged me down my whole life. Grateful to Tapas and TAT
Session with Tapas I love the new intentions or steps that made a huge difference in me. I feel whole and more grounded. no more resistance leading to much accetation of processes
betsey p
excellent session really excellent session as always
Annie L
We found the crux Tapas and I identified the heart of my depression. There is light.
Thalia V
Loss and Grief in the time of covid I lost 3 dear friends to this virus. I sadly felt disconnected from them and from life as I had known it. Tapas intuited and gently explained to me that parts of me were not in my body and that I was, in fact, disconnected. With unparalleled mastery, Tapas facilitated my journey to wholeness and integration. Three days later I feel grounded and so much better. Thank you!
I am here. I am Okay. Thank you. Tapas listen to me and be with me very patiently. The pain had been eased.It's really very helpful.
Alice W
Extra Ordinary Practical & Knowledgable I never expect more than doing TAT with Tapas. But I was so surprised & grateful when Tapas gave me practical directions to my 2 main problems - unable to put on weight and throat issues. I look into it after wards, and felt they are exactly the solutions I have been looking for. She knows so much & very resourceful, an all rounder in life challenges. Thank you Tapas from the bottom of my heart.
emotional blockage and obsession Once again, I experienced a significant decrease in the intensity of the conflicted feelings I have been struggling with. I noticed that days later I still felt much calmer and much less obsessed. The struggle was around what felt like an addiction or obsession that had been controlling my life and causing me to make poor decisions. Thank you, Tapas
An easy session It was a gentle process that brought together some issues I hadn't expected to have surface, but which made perfect sense once they became apparent. Tapas's presence is always light, lovely and insightful. I so appreciate that you offer your gifts and talents to the public - thank you!
Powerful Results Tapas is extremely present and zeroes in on exactly what needs to be addressed. I feel completely cleared after working with her, and her kindness and total willingness to help from her heart is such a precious gift. I always feel better after a session with her. Thank you, Tapas!
Kathryn B
Exceptional Tapas' compassionate, connected, intuitive and focused skills brought to light exactly what I needed cleared and removed energetic attachments and limitations that have been with me for decades and ancestrally. I was so filled with love at the end and that has remained now at the end of the next day. I know I am fundamentally changed. Thank you Tapas!!
Susan V
Creating Change in Mind and Body I remain in awe of how TAT in its apparent simplicity creates the possibility for big shifts in perception and paves the way for healing at a very deep level. Together with that, wonderful new insights can emerge. In my most recent session with Tapas, the initial body scan revealed some very interesting information about two organs in my physical body which have been experiencing different types and degrees of ill health. Most of the one hour session involved talking to the parts of me and my body, followed by a number of body scans each of which gave evidence of changes occurring energetically in those organs. While this was happening, I was experiencing inner shifts and new insights about them. At the end of the session, I had an entirely different perception of and relationship with these organs. I was suddenly quite overcome with laughter. All of what happened during this session was so very positive, both for enabling the actual changes desired for my body and also to assist my complete recovery to radiant health. I’m already feeling so much better. Thank you so much.
Julia B
Facetime session It was wonderful, as always. Tapas is compassionate, caring and she really listens to what I am saying.
Diana Z
Gift To Me The session and experiencingTapas's gift was amazing, the highlight of my week. My mental and physical burdens were lighter and I felt refreshed and hopeful. I look forward to the next session.
Lynne A
Great session! Body scan was illuminating, and I could feel changes taking place during my session. Feeling a deep sense of self-acceptance now, in sharp contrats to how I usually feel. Thanks Tapas!
A Revealing Session During my reading Tapas was very patient and concerned and she did a lot of work with me in a short amount of time. She gave me a homework assignment that was pretty cool and pretty revealing. I do give thanks.
Tapas was so very helpful Tapas has the ability to see what is going on within others in her sessions. She was very thorough in helping me to clear up so things that have prevented me from being my true self. She is so caring and loving. It is a real gift to work with her.
Accepting and Loving Me Thank you Tapas for being so present with me as I work through the tough stuff. Knowing you are there with me allows me to go deeper and help those parts to heal. I was to shower all the parts with me with Grace. This beautiful lesson will stay with me. Thank you
Spine straightening! I've been working from many angles and for decades to remedy scoliosis in my spine, apparently caused by a genetic defect. Today's session gave my journey a massive boost forward by dealing with a very powerful energy glitch that was preventing the whole structure from moving freely. So exciting! The amount of exhaustion it was causing before hand was so huge that when it corrected this morning I was so instantly tired I could almost not make it to my bed to lie down and was asleep before my head was fully on the pillow. Oh and the genetic situation which was inherited, had already been sorted 8 months ago, thanks to another session. Of course, I couldn't (afford to) believe it at the time, but it has proved to be true. Now I am just addressing secondary effects of the defect throughout my growing years. Such a great journey. Thank you Tapas!
Michele B
Getting Motivated It was a tough session but Tapas helped me through it. What a blessing! Thank you, Tapas and TAT!
Leah C
Fantastic session If you are on the fence about booking, just do it! Tapas has a strong healing presence, and her intuitive guidance is spot on. I noticed an immediate change in my energy with each segment of the session, and a few days later I am still aware of a fundamental shift in my perspective. Thank you, Tapas!
Shani M
Alignment Working with tapas enables one to release any form of energy stuck or blocking you flow of life. I am very grateful to know tapas.
Julia B
Zoom session As always, Tapas is a compassionate and wise listener. She gets right to the heart of the matter with really helpful ideas.
Pratibha B
Pet TAT session 5
Abundance I knew from past experience that Tapas would help me attract abundance into my life with TAT. It came pouring in. Now I will happily have another session with Tapas.
Diana Z
A Recurrent Theme I felt a theme of importance was worked on and in the end I felt the door was open to continuing with this in future sessions,
Ricky F
Ice Cream I celebrated another great session with Tapas yesterday - which in my time in Thailand was before sunrise - by having strawberry ice cream cake for breakfast.
Effective gentle healing! Tapas and TAT have helped me tremendously. I’ve done the ACES series to heal childhood trauma and also had private sessions with Tapas for those really stuck issues. Tapas is kind and compassionate and this technique really works for me. It’s way better than the drama and trauma of reliving things through traditional talk therapy. I’m living proof of that! Thank you Tapas.
Crazy sleep patterns I didn't really expect to get anywhere with my almost lifelong warped sleeping 'pattern'. I'm really delighted that we did. If there is more to do I really look forward to it. It feels so far like it has begun a soft revolution. Thanks so much Tapas!
A beautiful starlit cobalt blue sky TAT with Tapas is being enveloped in a cobalt blue sky at twilight watching each and every star light up. It is seeing new stars blinking like candles in the wind. TAT is a canopy of love and beauty. Don't miss it!
Itziar N
Session with Tapas It was a great session in which I got a really good insight. By the end I was feeling renewed and peaceful. Thank you Tapas for such a great session.
Heather Goldenberg S
after Skype session dearTapas thanks for your patience and your ability to be there in all the complications of my situation and making sense of things for me and using my mages to make new connections, today have been just reaching quietly out intot my being and realize how scared I was to do this, just be friends quietly to be with myself and nothing threatening, all friendly - what a difference. I looked on Google for ozone therapy without finding the site for Patti Berry, probably spelled wrong, coud you write it to me, what I saw was general articles about it but not what I would need to buy etc. Thanks Tapas! love Heather
Julie K
Brilliant Tapas was a brilliant insightful guide, as always. A truly remarkable and rapid transformation of an old problem.
Louise L
Released belly, open heart My session with Tapas guided me to a place where I could release some long-held tensions at my core. I’m now feeling more awareness in that part of my body, tuning in to how it reverberates to other area, in particular my heart, perhaps more still and more open now. I hope to continue with this work to grow my belly awareness into a strong gut feeling wisdom! Thank you for a rewarding and friendly session!
Heather L
Awesome Session! TAT is so powerful and useful - thank you!
Julie W
Consultation Excellent
Life Changing I can only describe my private session with Tapas as transformative and life changing! I began the session feeling flat and grey but after our session I was bursting with life, confidence, energy and excitement. I feel totally different and I am so grateful. Thank you!!
Matthew Y
Unlocked! Another amazing session with TAPAS. The processes is so gentile and empowering. I felt such a release during and after. Always thankful for Tapas' willingness to share her gift us healing. Thank you!!!
Out of the world I was nervous seeing Tapas the st time, but quickly I feel very safe with her. She is just like Tapas in the Video which I watched a lot of them. She 'sees' lots of fighting, killing, wild insane stuff in my past! It was eye opening! Took 2x1 hour sessions to clear it. I like the fact that she knows whether it is cleared or not(as I would not be able to tell!). I did feel something lifted from my head and shoulder at the end. I will have more session with her, working on other things.
Amazing Grace Tapas is amazing, a session with her is feels very calming and healing. She is very intuitive. I am enjoying the lasting effects of my recent session with her and looking forward to the next one too!
Addie Van Der Kooy
Black Energy Special session Tues 11th April Hi Tapas, As promised, I like to let you know what my experience has been after our very deep and powerful session, but first of all deep gratitude for having been able to work with you. Since our session the "agitated, growly, cursing" energy inside the navel has still been there but it is less intense and is surrounded by a deep still sense of peace now, which emerged at the end of our session. The acid-test was going back to my part-time office job and I noticed that incidents which normally trigger me into reactive mood, still triggered this black energy field but it was quite easy to stay in the surrounding still peace and not react, just watching the growly energy doing its thing before it subsided again. There is also a subtle sense of on-going joy in the belly that comes with that still, serene sense of peace. I am keen to continue doing TAT with this black energy and wondered about the free copy of the "Guided TAT® with Tapas" recording which was promoted as being part of the Black Energy Special session package. I haven't received it as yet and wonder if I can still look forward to receiving it as a tool for continuing working with this energy. I could then perhaps later on have another session with you. Warmly, Addie
Michele B
Always a Pleasure and Always Profound After some clumsy accidents and other life trauma, I was feeling foggy, hesitant and un-grounded. My session with Tapas completely brought me back to NOW. Since our session together yesterday, I feel much more empowered and "here." I've also had sessions with clients where I was able to be even more present for them and the sessions have resulted in major positive shifts. Thank you, Tapas!
Sarah F
Amazing experience. Tapas is a truly beautiful soul I've been doing TAT on myself for the last month with life changing results and decided to book a session with Tapas so that i could have a scan. It was an amazing experience that gave insights into some struggles ive experienced in my life. Tapas was caring and kind and connected completely to me throughout the session. I felt lighter. I could feel a different powerful strong energy flowing through me after our session. My whole face was glowing and smiling. TAT has freed me from a lifetime of self hate. I cannot recommend it enough.
Malabika S
Clearing trauma from car accident I sought Tapas's help with this because I discovered despite my best efforts some of the fears from the accident continued. Tapas helped me reconnected with some of the energy that remained contracted from the impact even though I had no physical injury. This has been very helpful and I am far more relaxed while driving. I expect the result to feel even better after a few days as I sense the energy from the trauma still leaving. Thanks Tapas for the work you do.
jeremy k
A pleasure and an honor I scheduled a one hour Skype session with Tapas to work on some deep anxiety issues that have been haunting me for years. I've tried every modality under the sun to deal with this core anxiety, with little to no results. I finally decided to schedule a session with Tapas herself and that's what made the difference for me. Her approach is so thorough and accepting, she just keeps taking clues from my statements and peeling back the layers to get to the center of it so it can be healed once and for all. Honestly I didn't notice a huge difference by the time we hung up, but after the first good night of sleep in two plus weeks (very nice side effect btw) I woke up feeling much better. That hard ice ball of anxiety located right in my heart area feels about 90% less intense than it almost always is. As I went about my day I had sudden and unexpected waves of optimism and the feeling of being fundamentally okay (which for me is a whole lot different than I usually feel) wash over me. Pleasantly surprised to say the least! I know I still have some work to do for this issue, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel all of a sudden and that is HUGE. So thank you Tapas, most sincerely. It was a pleasure and an honor.
absolutely wonderful I love working with Tapas. She is able to see what I can't and help me get to places that I am not able to by myself. Great session! It was very good.
Donna H
Feeling fatigue. I do feel more energy from our TAT session. And it renewed my spiritual part of me. Thank you.
Jeffrey D
it all "penetrated." Yesterday's session was so effective. I'm experiencing this day with a calmness and flow that I've been missing for months. I'm so grateful I get to spend time with you, Tapas.
Douglas G
Awesome Awesome
Really helpful I didn't realize how powerful this was until the following day. There was a real shift. Thank you!
Diwien Hartono
Completely Integrated Once a year, usually I do check up for my health condition, especially my mental health. When I toke session with Tapas, she scanned my condition. Both of us felt there is energy stuck in specific area. We did only 1 step and I felt for the first time, very solid connection between my mind, energy and body, they are integrated to the One Source! Amazing experienced . Thank you Tapas to brought me to this experienced. Love, Diwien
Marguerite M
great session amazing what can be accomplished with a simple pose and the "best" intention and words.Tapas is a great soul!!!!
Liesel T
Awesome session I 'met' Tapas for the first time in this session, even though I've been using TAT for about 12 years. It was a deligthful, wonderful session with her focused energy and ability to 'see' into where the energy blocks are. Thank you Tapas!
Suseela S
Clearing dark energy This was my second session with Tapas and one which was very healing. Tapas was spot on about the dark energy surrounding by field and her timely advice felt right. I felt lighter and emotionally more stable. Very grateful to Tapas for her love and dedication in helping clientd. I am a grateful beneficiary.
Michael P
First session with Tapas Tapas is really great to work with. I felt at ease with her right away, and were able to address a deep issue, even in a brief session. The only difficult part of the experience was struggling to set up Skype, since it was new to me. That was a lot of unnecessary stress because I found out from Tapas that FaceTime was an option as well. For iPhone users, FaceTime is much easier to use, without having to set up a new App. So my suggestion would be to add FaceTime to the other options for the call, and save others the stress that I went through.
Lisa B
Fantasic I met with Tapa last week. I'm a stage IV cancer patient. The TAT process she led me through was amazing. I could feel it touching every part of my body the cancer had invaded. My liver especially. I was tingly and a bit light headed due to the energy we moved. I felt so renewed! She is deeply talented with a heart of gold. Definitely working with her again. Thank you Tapa.
nina G
fear release another great session with Tapas! I love the way she cuts to the chase of issues!
Harry H
Genuine and passionate Working with Tapas tapped into some deep seated stuff that wanted to be released. Thank you T!
Douglas G
Awesome Awesome
Hilary G
Excellent The session with you was wonderful, as always. I felt lighter, clearer and more open. Thank you for your exquisite presence and work.
Julia B
Face Time session Awesome, as always! I always feel that you are right there with me, understanding my deepest stuff, and staying optimistic, loving, wise and positive.
Dizzy? Heights It becomes easier all th time to sit outside of events and situations and from that perspective dissolve any unwanted significance or pain that had been assigned to them in the past. Thank you Tapas for all your help in getting to this point. You are gold!
Roy G
Session 17/12/19 REally deep session and very helpful.
maria s
Very calm The healing was about my cat Holy. He hasn’t vomited so far, so I think he feels ok :-) What is also impressive is the fact that since then, I also feel very calm, although it’s a little challenging period for me. So the benefits were for both of us! Thank you Tapas, it was an honour to meet you💚
sheri h
Fantastic You are a pleasure to work with clearing the emotional baggage of life and moving towards divine purpose. Thank you
Jenny T
Amazing This work has changed my life. I feel so blessed to have come across Tapas and TAT. I am evolving into the person I was meant to be. Hugs
Scott F
First TAT session This was a surprising first session as it was using a modality that was different than the 101 info. That’s ok. I’m always open to née things from credible people. No significant change in my physical symptoms following the session so far. I’m hopeful we can remove the Lyme bugs from my body.
Scott F
Next Level Helpful Tapas is like no other; Her protocol combined with her well-honed intuitive skills helped me immensely. She saw the real me. What a gift to me as it allowed foundational work to take place. I highly recommend her and her services.
Jeffrey D
Life affirming Every session with Tapas builds on the last. I’m more present because of my work with her.
Susan G
Beautiful experience! ❤️ In just one session I feel encouraged, empowered and calmer! I’m smiling more!
Corina G
Deep, simple and wonderful A string of miracles.
Douglas G
Awesome Once again, just awesome.
Julia B
video session As always, Tapas has a warm, attentive, non-judgmental presence. It makes for a very safe environment. It was fun to laugh together, too. Thank you, Tapas!
Leah C
Transformative Once again my session with Tapas was beyond helpful. I really appreciate her ability to track what is happening on multiple levels simultaneously. I leave each session with new insight and a sense of peace and calm. If you are on the fence about booking a session....just do it! You will not be disappointed.
Patrycja K
Tapas Forever I had till now 3 sessions with Tapas and every time there are amazing insights and little/big miraculous happening. She is a gift from God to this planet, she is like a friend you‘ve had for life and didn’t even know it. She has the way to truly see you, with no judgment and total support no matter what crazy or strange things you tell her about your condition. She understands. I can only say that Tapas can easily help you shift your problems without any struggle and with amazing ease. Thank you Tapas and God bless you. Patti
Caitlin M
Gentle and welcoming My experiencing with tapas has been soul awakening. I appreciate her gentle approach and no judgments demeanor. Even though I have only talked with her through the phone e o feel a comfort and understanding she has for my struggles need and wants. I will continue to work with tapas through my trauma struggles and guidance on my pathway of life
Laura M
Extraordinary spiritual experience I have had several sessions with Tapas over the years - she has a real gift that goes beyond the mechanics of TAT, which is a miracle in itself. My last session with her, however, left me speechless with wonder. I can barely find words even now. It was like - a visit to heaven, a visit from heaven, the embodiment of the Divine all at once. I was simultaneously moved to tears, and felt myself deeply deeply held in the peace and grace of Love. Tapas 'saw' what I felt. I will never forget it. Although my ordinary life and cares encroached back in quickly, of course, I also have the feeling that nothing will ever be the same. You cannot have a spiritual experience like that and not be forever altered by it, in many ways that I know will be revealed to me for the rest of my life. Already, when some stress occurs, I remember this precious moment with Tapas as guide and witness, and I feel myself strong, present and joyful. I cannot thank you enough, Tapas, for this amazing gift of TAT and of yourself.
Finding peace Each time I do a session I feel a change in my being as if a layer has been released. It is like when you have a loose tooth, keep wobbling and fretting about it and then one day it pops out and its gone. After the TAT session my mind returns to the challenge I was wrestling with, but it's disappeared and no longer has the charge. It is helping me to find profound peace and stillness within. Thank you Tapas for your profound work in healing intergenerational wounds.
Kat S
Moved lots of energy Interesting session well orchestrated by Tapas. Nice to relax and not have to do anything yet engage in healing.
valuable help Our session was tremendously helpful to me at a time of real distress. Thank you for your kindness and your insight!
Eva Z
Transformative A powerful session that left me with a tangible shift in the way I go through my days! I am grateful.
Israel M
What a session!! Tapas knows how to hit the spot with her knowledge intuition caring heart and will tailor the session for you in the best way. Thank you
Jeffrey D
Transformational I’m leading my life now with an open heart released from an encasement I didn’t know about. I’m deeply grateful to Tapas.
Helpful Tappas works hard to bring healing and clarity to my problem. She really seems to want to help and can tune into things that are hard for me to see on my own. Very Helpful
Great session The session yesterday was able to address something absolutely basic and completely hidden from me, thanks to Tapas' ability. Wonderful!
TAT It was a great pleasure to meet and have a session with Tapas. I have been peaceful since our session. There have been a few issues but I totally brushed them off. I feel so calm Thank you.
Kathleen V
Phone Session Having a session with Tapas was the opportunity to shift from being weighed down with a concern I had with my kids to being able to relax and be connected to them regardless of the distance.
Janice M
Beyond my expectations I made this appointment in Feb hoping Tapas could help me with my fear of flying. What came out of the session was instead far more significant: understanding and compassion for myself . She has helped me with the enormous anxiety I had been feeling as the corona virus pandemic has worsened. I will see her again in the future. Thank you, Tapas!
amazing the sessions with Tapas are amazing! I am always in fear at the beginning and relaxed and open in the end.
Patricia Y
Two thumbs up! I don't know why this technique works, but it does! Thank you Tapas!
Jeffrey D
Breakthrough! Two wonderful sessions - one with me and one with Jane. It was perfect for each of us.
Keri J
incredible I had serious doubts about this 'working' for me since I'd had some past experience doing it on my own, but working with Tapas directly was an entirely different experience. I went from a feeling of numbness at the start, to feelings of anger, to feelings of deep sadness to feelings of pure joy and was actually laughing at the end. I'm still quite confused as to how that happened. Anyway, I am interested in learning more about this process and feel comfortable recommending it to others.
Julia B
FaceTime session As always, I appreciate your sensitive listening and compassion. It was so much fun to laugh together!
Ricky F
Deep Release I find that seesions with Tapas give me a deep release of issues whether inssues I see clearly or partly seen issues or hidden issues. Greatly recommended.
Betty M
Great feeling Always finish the session feeling so much better than when I started; relaxed, more complete; always look forward to my time with Tapas
Kate S
Relief I just had my first session with Tappas and I believe I have found relief from something I have been struggling with for much of my life. Tappas made me feel at ease and I really enjoyed the process of the work. I am exciting and interested to see how it all plays out in the coming days/weeks ahead!
Harry P
Wonderful work My sessions with Tapas were clear, compassionate and effective. Her sensitivity, intuition, clarity and professionalism are world-class. Thank you, Tapas!
Christine K
xx xx
Zoey G
Amazing I had a session for both my dog and I with Tapas, I could feel the difference in myself even after doing TAT with Tapas for my dog! Tapas is a great Facilitator and I felt very supported during our session. Energy shifted and I was feeling lighter and happier afterwards!
Lisa L
Happy healthy Kidneys Thank you 🙏🏻 🌸💕🌸Tapas great session felt so happy to here Amma was near😘. You also saw my kidneys crying & then after session they looked good. I went to work & noticed at the end of the day I only had to go to the bathroom once!!! Where’s before the session I would have had to go at least 4-5 times in 5 hours & also the frequent urination was keeping me awake at night. It’s gone it’s normal! Thank you ♥️
Linda C
Power beauty and joy combined This was my fourth session with Tapas. Each session has healed deep parts of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually in ways I find remarkable.Thank you again.
By far the best help ever had Tapas and TAT is by far the most effective help I've ever had to overcome trauma and set my life up how I want it. TAT is so easy to do on myself too, so it's like getting multiple sessions for the price of one if you do it on yourself every so often.
Julia B
session Hi Tapas, A great session yesterday. It was brilliant to go right to the events that led up to current difficulties, put them all in the pot and let them process and go... Love to you, Julia
Release Tapas has helped me wonderfully to release a level of crazy energy so that I then had access to enormous rage I was able to express and let go.
Annie L
Relief During my hour with Tapas, issues about abandonment became tolerable and fluid. I’ve been trying to understand it or figure it out. Now, I can just be with it. There is peace.
Claire W
Retaining my energy for myself. Hi Tapas, Thank you for our session together yesterday. It was very helpful that you could take a look at me and witness yourself the ‘grey beings’ that had gathered around my light. Your suggestion to have a chat with them, and then your solution of doing the heart pose and telling them that I couldn’t give them what they wanted, and to give me space, has helped. Another time recently when I was deeply wanting to not be here anymore, I actually saw those beings hovering around me. It felt like sludge. I took a whole day to pull my energy together, and then I went to my healer to complete the clearing. I was that weak. I have been using the Heart Pose (and the TAT Pose) to say the things I need to say to those I need to say it to, as you suggested. Including to the ‘grey beings’ who dropped by again this morning. Yech. Same time every morning. I know the source. Much stronger today. Love Claire
Doug G
Awesome Awesome x 2
Julia B
FaceTime session Wonderful session, as always, with the brilliant and compassionate Tapas.
Peaceful I had a nice session with Tapas. Looking forward to having more! I felt calm and at peace afterwards.
Helen C
TAT I've had 4 sessions now with Tapas and I have to say they are gentle but very powerful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend sessions for anyone dealing with trauma.
sheri h
Amazing and effective I have worked with EMDR, EFT, tapping and conventional counseling as well as TAT. I have never experienced such quick benefits before with other techniques. The shifts have been quick and painless in a session or 2. Working with Tapas adds a greater dimension to the work and really is amazing. I cannot recommend Tapas or the technique more highly. Thank you for helping me live my best life!
Love Tapas Tapas has a knack for saying just the right thing to release/remove whatever is blocking me.
Tom H
Amazing healing Thank you Tapas for an amazing healing session. TAT is so beautiful an profound and Tapas is so sensitive and attuned to energy work. I felt a noticeable shift in my energy an felt able to work through subconscious trauma easily and safely and feel so happy to have been able to experience this.
Grateful for help The session we did was full of surprise that the issue could even be affected. And calm ensuing. And more awareness about the extent to which we are all connected. Thank you.
Caryl W
Feeling Good with TAT Thanks to Tapas, a Zoom session always uplifts and releases me from feeling my best self about any issue I bring to work with. She is sensitive and intuitive and shares her wisdom with grace and ease.
Hal W
Initial meeting I really enjoyed my meeting with Tapas yesterday. She was very helpful in getting to some of my root issues in a short period of time. We didn't necessarily plan on taking on as much as we did, but she handled it really well, and I felt very at ease with her. Thank you, Tapas!
Suhartono H
Therapy session it was really enlighting.. i sleep for more than 12 hours after the session like a baby.. it's been awhile to wake up very energized like that. thank you so much for the session!. If i may, i really want to repost and ask further question about the session.. i already told that sketchy client about the skype session, he refuse and we didnt meet, but i feel that's a good decision.. i wanna ask about the white light above my head that can't fully receive by my body. what is that white light in my crown chakra? what should i do next about it? how can i receive it fully?
nina G
phenomenal! It was deeply comforting to have Tapas support me in a body connection.
Doug G
Very Good Very compassionate and helpful
T Francesca
Severe Performance Anxiety TAT is truly transformative; fear becomes freedom, stuck transmutes to joyful movement, too late or past becomes forever now and limiting beliefs transmute into endless possibilities
Joyce M
website not available go to tat shows 404 not on this server how do I schedule?
Beth S
Fantastic, loving and gentle! Tapas is amazing! Again, I had a healing and soothing session with this gifted healer. I appreciate the depth of her care, the profound wisdom and expertise she brings along with a gentle knowing that helps in one’s path of discovery allowing the healing flow. She is a gift!
Linda C
Unexpected benefit Three months ago I had a session with Tapas to clear anything left over from my cancer surgery. An energy form held in my body from the intubation (and previous intubations) cleared. Until then, I had been choking and throwing food and supplements 2-3 times per week for several years. It's been three months since the session and it's only happened twice...a wonderful and unexpected benefit!
Julie A
Thank you I feel fabulous! Thank you Tapas for your graceful and loving way you work. It is so powerful and life changing forus all as it ripples out into our lives and affects those we live with and touch. Deep gratitude for your work.
Claire Williams
Working with you felt like coming home. Thank you Tapas, for the profound experience of working with you and your many years of experience and deep exploration. I felt known and understood by you. I found you kind and receptive. I was a little at a loss after the session, but noticed subtle changes at first. Like, I felt more feminine. I sometimes feel masculine and see my face as squarish, but after our session I sensed my willowy, graceful self become present again. I felt more at home in my skin than I have in years. More sensitivity too, to the subtle world. My receivers were more awake. There was a down side. Because I felt clearer due to the healing, I also felt the grief of losing my son more keenly. I woke from sleep the next morning quite depressed and in grief , , ,more than usual. I was more alert in my senses, and so the years of being stifled just felt all the more wasteful. I felt the futile waste of my son’s beautiful self all the more keenly. That was not expected. But as Susan Vos wrote to me, “Grief is no affliction. It’s a profound soul-spiritual experience”. Two positives are that I am more alert to Jasper’s presence, and so he is better able to clear the pathway to healing for me when I feel the self blame that comes with suicide. Consequently my grief becomes the sweetness of loving him no matter what appears to be the reality before me. Secondly, I feel the return of a clearer mind. I can follow through thought processes, and am not traumatised by some of the things I am having to address. Like making a stand for myself in regard to the way I was treated during some training I recently engaged in. I simply feel more comfortable in m own skin. Thank you. I shall feel this out further before I book another session with you.
Linda C
Always unique and powerful My ongoing work with Tapas is deep and beautiful and always powerful.
Citlal Cici R
Amazing! It is really incredible I been at several doctors for the last year , and one sesión with tapas gave me incredible results. I have been breathing normally now and enjoying it! My eternal gratitude 🙏🏼 .
Grace, Love, Peace TAT is an experience that can help you get the board out of your own eye so you can see and experience more grace, love and peace. With Tapas' gentle voice and wise direction, your self-healing is readily accessible within just a few minutes. Try it! You will be blessed....I am grateful I did! Thank you!
Never good enough Growing up not ever feeling good enough is a mark no child should have to carry. So many aspects in so many different areas of life. Each session with Tapas helps wash away more layers of those childhood voices that hold you back as an adult. Thank you Tapas for helping me along this journey.
Annie L
Night to day We got to the core issue. For seventy years I thought I was a bad child, therefore a flawed adult. With Tapas as my guide, I was able to claim the whole goodness of my tiny self. I’ve been waiting to love myself for my whole life.
Linda C.
My ongoing personal growth I love working with Tapas. It is always a grace-filled and useful experience! A true gift in this lifetime.
Janice M
Meaningful Session! My second visit with Tapas was extremely helpful to me! I am very glad I saw her yesterday! She is a gifted healer....
Aisha S
Amazing and fast work I had my first TAT session, wow. If you are ready and willing to cut to the chase and make the real work happen here’s your place.
Nancy P
Clarity The beauty of working with Tapas and TAT is that she allows my own wisdom to arise and heal.
Patrycja K
Amazing 🤩 I had so far 4 sessions with Tapas and every single time something amazing happens.Tapas has helped me release a very strange “thing” I had since I was a child. Till now this sensation I’ve been dealing with was comprising and sabotaging my happiness.Tapas spot it and it just went away, vanished into a dust. Finally I’m alone in my head 🥳 I love how I can be my silly self with her and we can laugh together to the point we need to ground ourselves in order to do the healing. I can only recommend her if anyone deals with different, difficult things that are hard to explain. If I was wealthy enough I would take her home and have her as a mother figure 😁. She is like an elf, beautiful, wise and magical. Thank you Tapas and till next time.Patti
Farhad K
Excellent Tapas helped me get through a very difficult situation that I had not been able to overcome by myself. Thank you very much.
Kimberly S
no session Hi, I logged on to Zoom at my scheduled time and Tapas was not there. Not sure what happened. I logged on and off and that did not make a difference. Please let me know...thanks.
Ruthann P
Most helpful work! It was a delight to work with Tapas Fleming as she was helpful in streamlining the work for my needs and her candor and insights proved most helpful!
Christiane L
Adressing the Child part I am grateful for the 30mn session, wich was short but so useful to know and feel that the Child part of me that was so angry and fearful, was adressed. This part can now realise and accept thank she's recognized, thank me and ôter People take care of her, and she no longer needs to felt scared. And my hear part, wich Tapas also talked to, can relax more often, as it is not in danger. So pretty Good job in this lap of time ! Thank you. Christiane
Elisabeth H
excellence TAT is a super effective method for clearing old issues, including those we may not even be aware of, and Tapas is a highly skilled and compassionate healer. Many of the issues we deal with in our lives relate to unresolved emotional baggage. TAT with Tapas connects me with my core wholeness and creates a context in which healing can happen. Thanks, Tapas!
Gwen A
A beautiful, loving experience Thank you, Tapas, for the gentle, loving, profound healing that you provided me with yesterday. I came into the session in tears and deep despair, and less than 30 minutes later I was genuinely at peace and feeling SAFE and ready to reengage with life. I don't for a second understand how TAT "works", but your gift to us is miraculous and I am so truly grateful to YOU and to TAT.
Christiane L
OBSERVED SESSION I appreciated Tapas sensible and wise advices which are very helpful for improve my practice with TAT®
Beth S
My Breakthrough! I had my first session with Tapas and was quite prepared in advance. We worked on a painful & stressful emotional issue and I felt wonderful release. Immediately following I had to do other work on my laptop. For the next few hours, I had additional MAJOR insights and breakthrough freeing experiences, on an unrelated issue. Working with Tapas and TAT has been a pivotal and broadening experience for which I am grateful!
Deborah B
The best Such powerful work. I am so grateful for Tapas.
Julie K
Mentoring Every meeting with Tapas is a blessing and full of insight.
Beth S
Another Transformation Victory! As usual, I had another great transformational TAT session with TAPAS! I felt heard, seen and felt as she led me in release of the current burden. Her gentle yet thoroughly courageous approach was the answer I needed. Thank you Tapas!
Help with Emotional Pain I enjoyed my session with Tapas as she helped me let go of a painful issue. I highly recommend this work.
Wendy S
TAT Life Session I've had two sessions with Tapas and one for my cat. Both kittie and I have excess weight to lose. Since those sessions, my cat more alert and affectionate. I, too, am experiencing a lighter sense of being and wholeness. Very grateful. Recommend.
Nicole S
Loved it! After the session I felt more at peace and hopeful that my body has the capacity to heal.
Jorge C
WOW Hi Tapas. After over 15 years or longer, TAT still amazes me. After the session with you I once again experienced the magical results of TAT. During the session I felt the blockage in my brain just open up. I felt a clarity that I had forgotten about. It’s as if someone turned on a light. Actually more like someone changed out a blown bulb. That energy moved from the top of my head through out my body. I could really go on with lot of story about the session and I think one word can best express it. “WOW!!!” Love and Blessings, Jorge
Always a pleasure It’s always a pleasure to work with Tapas. She’s on time, efficient & insightful. And she’s gentle, compassionate & caring. Our session was for one of my dogs who experienced an unidentified injury to his spine/hip/leg. He feels better today and I look forward to his full recovery in the next few days ahead. Thanks, Tapas!
Annie L
Always come with a heavy heart Even if I don’t know what to talk about, Tapas always inspires an authentic conversation, which enlightens my being.
Marcia P
needed more nurturing I am new to TatLife and had only watched a few of the videos before my one-on-one with Tapas. After the session, I went into a tailspin/freakout of fear about how my life might need to change and how I screwed things up. I would have appreciated a caution from Tapas this might happen, or that I should drink more water or something to help with integrating the information. It's true that Tapas did ask me "is there something more" and perhaps I should have spoken up for myself at the time, but she was lacking warmth to make be feel comfortable asking for more help.
Dhyana B
TAT session for natural vision improvement Dear Tapas, Thank you so much for the beautiful TAT healing session regarding my vision and eye health. My recent check up with my Oph. doctor confirms all the measurable progress and improvements with my vision, and surgery is now unnecessary! Imagine my joy and relief! The clearing work we did on the energy pathways and inherited believes certainly worked wonders in support of this successful outcome. Much gratitude.
Kelly B
TAT with Tapas is worth every penny As a TAT practitioner, I know first hand the incredible transformations that TAT provides. What I forgot was that a session with Tapas is on and entirely different level. Tapas was able to help me clear things that we’re holding md back that weren’t even in my awareness. I could not recommend her more strongly.
betsey p
working with tapas brings peace working with tapas brings peace and clarity
Linda C
Beautiful and useful healing Always true. Necessary for my well-being in these times.
Beth S
My Cat Got TAT! I’ve worked with Tapas and had a tremendous breakthrough. This time was for my mature cat that had an aggressive behaviour toward me her beloved. I could sense the cat was torn by this behaviour as was I. Tapas spent s great deal of time carefully scanning my cat and talking with me. This one session has completely relieved my cat (& me!). Within hours of our session my kitty was entirely different and doing cat zoomies enjoying a newly restored freedom and it has remained so now going on two weeks! I would encourage anyone to have a pet session (any session!) with Tapas. She is soothing and caring, quickly establishing rapport so that a client can connect with her heart. TAT is amazing work and Tapas is herself a GIFT!
Robert R
Amazing! I have been studying tapaas methods for a long time and had a great respect for what she has developed. However a personal session with her goes way beyond what I thought was possible. She is gentle, perceptive, amazing in her perception. A role model for all of us aspiring to be transformational healers. Thank you Tapas
Julie K
Deep healing A wonderful deep deep healing. I felt ancient holding patterns let go from my very bones.Tapas' intuition, skill and kindness are second to none.
Exciting modality! This technique is exquisitely simple and I have observed some very interesting responses to it. For me, its hypnotic and I found it easy to relax at a very deep level. I love that it is working with what I would call the multi-dimensional aspects of life, with reverence for all beings that might be involved. Without going into my personal details, it appears that it has quantum potential to shift the uncovered to be revealed without effort in a gentle natural unfolding...that is huge!
Martina C
Transformational Another powerful and transformational session today. At the same time the work is gentle and effortless. Tapas has an amazing gift of being able to get to the crux of the issue quickly so that even a 30 minute session can clear major blocks and limitations. I highly recommend doing a series of sessions -- they are life changing!
Happy I’ve been happy to be seeing results and it’s easy to let go! I can’t wait to do it again
Christiane L
30' CLIENT SESSION I very much appreciated this session, in this laps of time, in which Tapas gently adresse some "being" that seemed to be stuck in the here and now graspiung the energy , mine and others. As things felt more quiet and calm, my heart was then adressed. Suddenly I felt a sort of "Pop" popping of my heart, that that was blocking the easy flow of air or life in this area just popped off. So it was some awesome experience but going on very gently. Than You.
nina G
relief Tapas covered a lot of ground in a short session. My heart definitely felt a lot of relief!
karen s
SO helpful An excellent session.Tapas listens so well and clears all the blocks. An amazing process she has developed for working on trauma.
Last session I have done many sessions alone and with Tapas and others because of mannay traumas I always feel better after but in the night was reactions. This one has been a has been very important in starting a change with the parts that were reacting in the night. I feel more alive and less sad. I will go on working for the stuff left but it has really started a shift.and in this way it actualises all the previous session... Thank you for your expertise, presence , wisdom and love.
Always gentle I always feel this gentle slow release of what we just worked on and feel so much peace radiating within my body.
Christiane M
RELIEF This 30 minute session helped me finding more detachment with toxic parents and past lives. I felt calmness and got a message that my "mission" with them is now finished.
Refreshing Love the way I feel afterwards. Thankful for my time with Tapas!
Susan C
Perfection Tapas’ work with me has truly been a perfection. I do not know of any other therapist who could understand what I wanted to transform and who would have the approach to do it. I feel very blessed to have had this opportunity and this deep care. Thank you with all my heart!
Lisa L
Feeling more accepting of self Letting go of the past Feeling more free in my body & mind
Mark H
fantastic A meeting with Tapas is like sweeping my soul till it sparkles. So great!
Martina C
Another amazing session! Tapas always gets to the crux of the matter at hand so quickly. This allows deep healing to occur with great ease and grace. It always amazes me how powerful this work is. Thank you Tapas!
Ricky F
A resource for you? Sessions with Tapas form a great resource in my life for clarifying uncertainties unburdening burdens and adding joy. I don't know but perhaps you could get the same result.
Christiane M
OBSERVED SESSION It was a pleasure to have the possibility to ask questions to Tapas while the TAT session with my client, and feeling the way I progress as a practitioner.
Christiane M
Observed session This was a good session, client was,happy progressing along with TAT makes e,happy
Itziar N
Became so peaceful Tapas helped me become so peaceful. It was wonderful. Further, her intuition was amazing. It really blew my mind how she was able to connect with my energy.It was a great session.
Maria R
TAT session Short session that still feels like a beautiful clearfing. Looking forward to the next one ! Thanks Tapas. Maria
Manuela W
So Sweet & Powerful I had my first private session with Tapas. She is present, so sweet, so loving, so attentive, such a great listener. Hard to put into words. Try it. her modality is very powerful and gentle. Give it a try. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
Robert R
Amazing person On each of my 3 sessions with Tapas I knew she heard me on rep levels- beyond the words. Beyond that Tapas is extraordinarry intuition and goes the core of issues. Highly recommend her for any issue you may have.
Beth S
Another HUGE Victory with TAT My recent visit with Tapas and TAT resulted in two glorious releases. Just prior to our appointment, a number of stressors emerged and tapping alleviated some and brought clarity that I could then delve into with TAT. As I submitted to accepting what I saw and felt, the marvellous gentle release flowed. I so appreciate Tapas, her wisdom and collaborative attitude. It is truly regenerative snd freeing work!
arlette b
betterness .. feeling lighter and liberated, tho more to be done ..!!!thanks Tapas
Douglas G
Awesome Awsome
Michelle B
Learning from the best I’ve been practice TAT for over 10 years though this is the first time I’ve had Tapas as my trainer. It’s such a gift to learn from the woman most at the source of this work. I’ve transformed so much already and am improving my ability to help others transform as well.
Thalia V
performance anxiety After an individual and group session with Tapas I felt much more confident about being able to play in front of others. Thus has been a lifelong struggle. Thank you, Tapas!
Jane B
As Always, A Gift to Work With Tapas I've found much bigger breakthroughs working with Tapas than I have working in any other way. Her presence, purpose and love are fundamental and such gifts in themselves. When I book a session with her, I never know what is gong to happen except that it will show results exponentially grater than I could foresee or achieve on my own. Give yourself this gift.
Martin L
Always a joy Worked with Tapas again and as usual it was an absolute joy. Thanks!!
Ingrid G
The immediate impact numb feeling in feet
relaxing and comforting Tapas is the only person I relax enough to bear my soul to, and I always find comfort.I am grateful.
Thalia V
Goodbye to insomnia After two sessions I have experienced significant improvement in a life-long problem with insomnia. Tapas and TAT are amazing!
Deep healing A deep and healing session. I appreciate your skill in framing the session and wording. I don't know quite what happened...but I feel lighter and as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my heart. Thank you!
Alana B
An amazing week! I have had a series of 60 minutes sessions with Tapas over the last week and am pleased with the technique Tapas uses and working Tapas herself. I was long ago diagnosed with Post Trauma and symptoms had become acute. My sessions with Tapas have uncovered some of the events at the source of the symptoms and have brought resolution and a greater degree of peace on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Life has often presented me with many questions; questions that I never believed I would receive answers too. My work with Tapas has given me answers I never thought I would have in this lifetime. Working with the answers has helped to re-write old stories of trauma and free up incredible space and movement in my life and body. Thank you Tapas!
Excellent Healer Tapas is very intuitive, and gets to the heart of the healing directly and with kindness. I can highly recommend her.
Great service Exactly what I needed. Thank you
Nice surprise I don't recall having directly addressed this condition with TAT, but recently noticed I no longer have trouble with abdominal muscles going into extreme spasm when I lie down. These muscles parted during pregnancy and stayed that way, and I wasn't expecting them to improve. But since a collagen defect was addressed epigenetically with TAT, this improvement has occurred. Also the legs have stopped cramping at night. Maybe I am absorbing nutrients better or something else is on the improve. It's exciting to notice your body restoring even when you are heading for 70! All Thanks to Tapas!
Alice W
Not my fault. Not good enough! Tapas helped me to see who I am is the results of things happened to me during my childhood. Things happened was not my fault. I did the best I can taking care of my family since a young age. Some friends reject & judge me for who I am, it is not because I am Not Good Enough, it is because they have a good life and they never have to go thru the craziness, abuse & neglect I have to go thru. They did not see the courage, strength generousity & goodness in me. It is they who re Narcissistic & have no love in their hearts. Tapas is so intuitive, she knows the exact word to say & help me get out of my emotional holes.
Fern I
Ind session with TAPAS I would recommend individual work with Tapas even if you are a trainer like myself. Even if you use Tat to help scores of folks dissolve their heavy hearts. Tapas adds another dimension that assisted me to dissolving resistance and knowing the next step along my journey . Sometimes we all need a little help!
Linda C
Another wonderful healing My work with Tapas is always beautiful and practically targeted.Another success.
thomas b
Kind, Present, Warm and Attentive Truly, I felt like i I was under the care of a Master for my entire session...
Gabriel M
AMAZING Tapas Flemming is absolutely amazing! I have been using her TAT for several weeks now and really feel like I am changing into a different person: mentally, physically, and spiritually. I have my mother doing it as well now, and she feels the same way about it. in fact just yesterday, she said something she says quite often: "TAT is amazing!" I have gained more energy, clarity, and my body physically feels better. I am letting go of a lot of negative attachments to people who have hurt me in the past as well which is uber important for us to do as human beings if we want optimal health. My mother had developed a fear of driving and completely stopped driving. She did TAT on it and now can't stop driving. She loves to drive everywhere now. I will add, when I first found Tapas on YouTube, I could see she had something most people do not: peace in her heart, eyes, and energy field. I said, I want what she has. And thankfully, she is offering it: a way to peace, joy, happiness, goodwill, and good health.
Feeling alone The strong gripping feeling cleared and I was able to feel release. Thank you Tapas and TAT
Jane B
Always Incredibly Useful I have had the opportunity to work one-on-one with Tapas on several occasions. Some have been for a specific situation, and some have been "just because it feels right, right now." In every case, I have come away with so much LESS anxiety/pain/worry/stress/distress and so much MORE light, clarity and peace. I can't say enough good about her, and how she helps you change your world and life.
lisa l
Amazing breakthroughs I am so grateful for the sessions that I do individually with Tapas. It seems like every time I discover new information about myself and my process. Each session I have had has produced real life changes for me . I highly recommend doing an individual session with Tapas.
Caryl Westmore
Chronic Bronchitis gone in 60 mins After suffering a week in bed and 80% improved on meds...I tuned into my lungs and realized the pain and wheezing carried huge grief - current and family of origin. Working with Tapas on this cactus like "tangle" of generational pain (specifically around absent, inadequate fathering) she helped me release the dark energy in my lungs and instead I left feeling the energy of a rose blooming anew. Since that session I have been feeling wonderful and back on my feet and in life. Wow I am in awe by the EASY, powerful presence of Tapas and the process. Thanks Divine Grace for this process.
Great! I really enjoyed my session with Tapas. I was amazed with her strong intuitive abilities, and felt a difference in working with her. Thank you!
Caroline Dubois
Great session! I always like Tapas's presence when we have sessions together. Yesterday there was more to it than the presence. There was a flow in the work, a good speed, and an excellent clinical treatment all together. I felt radiating as Tapas mentioned to me. She took pictures with the skype device. I posted one picture Tapas took at the end and everybody said how radiant I was. Thank you Tapas.
Doug G
another leap Tapas leaves no stone unturned, with the bedside manner of a saint, enough said.
Anurag G
Informative Got to learn much more about the TAT pose and I feel confident tackling issues doing TAT on my own now.
Judy S
Feeling lighter Thank you. I feel lighter and more peaceful
Annie L
The heart of the matter An energetic field, which Tapas could read in me, lead to a depth of understanding about a behavior I had long hidden. The reveal and release from this burden has brought me joy.
Julie Kidd
Fantastic As always Tapas could see the root of the problem and it was healed. My brain was always tired after brain surgery. Tapas saw the energy constriction to my head at the top of my neck. We did TAT, talked to the part and now the energy flows and I’m feeling great. TAT is a superb technology that moves mind and energy quickly and easily. And Tapas is a master of healing.
Doug G
comment Yippie Yeyeookayay, galloping all the way, cowabunga!!! Yep, good!!!
Christiane M
ASSESMENT REVIEW It was a pleasure to share the transformations experienced by clients or with buddy and myself. Christiane.
Marisa M
Healing I love my sessions with Tapas. You can Tapas anything and she gets it. I have what others would perceive as weird, yet Tapas see's and senses everything that is going on and the icing on the cake is she can heal what is going on. I think this is my 5 or 6th session and I will be back....
Gentle, smooth and beautiful session This is my 1st session with Tapas. I did several times TAT, but session with Tapas was very beautiful moment. Thank you Tapas.
Continued Thanks I just had another wonderful session with Tapas and can feel lifelong traumas evaporating. Tapas' kindness, sensitivity, intuition, and skill are extraordinary, and it is an honor to work with her!
Thalia V
Archeology and freedom I scheduled a TAT session with Tapas because I felt confident she would facilitate the integration I so needed. I welcomed and integrated parts that had hitherto been buried. I felt free and lighter. Tapas is amazing! integration I so needed. It was amazing to welcome and embrace parts of myself that had been alone and forgotten. I experienced a gentle release; a yoke was removed and I was light and free.
maria s
Very relaxed I had yesterday the session with Tapas, and since then I feel very relaxed. I’m looking forward for my next session with her. :-)
1/2 hour consult I had been feeling stuck with a combination of present-day stressors as well as past experiences that were coloring my ability to accept and deal with the present. I found Tapas to be a careful listener who empathically helped me structure my TAT session to not only clear the old stuff, but also to strengthen my ability to deal with a complicated present.
Amazing! I just completed a session with Tapas, and I can’t tell you how good I feel. It’s like having been injected with love. I feel so much love. Tapa’s is amazingly present with you like the most attentive person ever. She’s so skilled at doing this work. The session is just an amazing coming together. Can’t recommend this highly enough because there’s no words. Just experience it!
Assessment review session It was exciting sharing my client sessions with Tapas, helpful to make sure that the guidance is done the way she teaches us, and in her "spirit".
Edward G
Session 27/02/2020 Excellent session homing in on current difficulties.
Session 20/02/2020 Excellent session.
Incredibly effective Every session with Tapas is hugely helpful to the area I choose to sort out. In half an hour we can sort things that psychologists have taken weeks or months to stir up and not handle. Thank you Tapas for the richer relationships that have resulted and my ever increasing ability to be in present time and be comfortable in myself and happy in my life.
Julie K
Brilliant I did a mentoring session with Tapas today. She answered my case questions as though she too was in the room with the client. Brilliant insights.
Kristen H
So Thankful I am so thankful for Tapas. To have a safe, judgement-free way to acknowledge my emotions and work through life.
Laura M
An essential voyage to the heart of TAT I loved my session with Tapas. I use TAT regularly with myself and clients - and it truly has deepened and broadened this earthly experience for me! TAT has changed my life immeasurably for the better in so many subtle and not-so-subtle ways, from tiny shifts in consciousness that lead me to new places, to some rather large miracles. I went through a period of seeing my own TAT practioner regularly (and I always love tune-ups!) but wanted to touch base with Tapas as part of my continued healing, plus as a learning experience with my own clients. Our session was beautiful, and unfolded effortlessly like a rose blooming. Tapas is so calm, present and healing, her Skype presence just as powerful as real life. It can be hard to be truly honest sometimes with mucky stuff I don't like about myself, but Tapas is just there reflecting love and acceptance. I felt like so much was resolved after our hour together, really big stuff. It feels pivotal, but so gentle. As time goes on I know I will remember some of the beautiful images that came up - butterflies and moonbeams, and be able to go there again. Thank you Tapas.
Patty H
Consultation with Tapas We had an amazing 30 minute session! I slept that night with great peace and had remarkable energy the next day. My colleagues at work noticed the change and one said that I looked as if a burden had been lifted. Of course I did, because my burdens had been resolved. We covered so much ground in so little time it didn't seem possible to have had such a dramatic effect. Nevertheless that is exactly what happened. The issues we addressed are gone and I am very happy. Much love and gratitude to Tapas!
Amazing work! I have been working with Tapas for about a year and continue to be amazed with the transformations that have occurred. I focused initially on emotional issues and daily upsets, which always resolved quickly in our sessions. The last 3 or 4 appointments have been centered on physical maladies and have resulted in the most profound changes it is almost unbelievable. Everything from various pain, poor vision, digestive/absorption problems, rashes, chronic dehydration, previous physical traumas/surgery/etc have all been addressed and healed. In the hour we work together I literally feel my body being reborn in the area of concern with new energy and peacefulness that had been missing (in many cases for decades). She is beyond gifted in her ability to find and gently speak to all areas of our being, physical and emotional, that are creating the blockage leading to discomfort. There is no greater joy than to release that which has hindered me for so long and I get to experience that every single time I work with her. Thank you Tapas!
A gentle, inspiring teacher. Tapas is an warm and accurate teacher. I am her student in TAT certification program. Her supportive words along with her presence to point out what happened during my work, show me the real spirit of TAT. All the warmness in every exchange we had for what need to be reviewed or has been done well, she gave me a real lesson of joy and heartfelt relationship. Thank you Tapas!
Martina C
Powerful healing Tapas's work is even more powerful these days -- yet gentle at the same time. She gets to the essence of an issue within minutes and facilitates profound transformation. Her work with animals is equally profound. I am always amazed at how effective even a 30 minute session is at removing old deep-seated blocks.
a film of my life I asked to stand in for my entire family including ancestors. I have a lot of anger and depression in my family ...and maybe unwanted entities hanging on. After My Hour I Was Relaxed And Felt Very Positive. 3 days later I woke up suddenly to a fast film of my life running through my mind ...I saw myself and was shocked to see my behavior as a child toward my family. I had not realized or seen my part. ..I was in a victim mode not t as king responsibility for my actions. I feel very relieved now. I needed to see that truth. Now I can change in the present moment. Than You so much!!
jose a
30-minute phone session with Tapas Tapas is attentive during session and issues discussed are addressed with TAT. Longer sessions or multiple sessions may be needed for complex issues. I've had sessions through skype and phone, both are good choices.
Felt better immediately Working with Tapas is always light, easy, and almost casual, but the results were feeling better physically immediately and leaving with insights for further emotional processing. She always meets you with empathy, deep listening and gentleness. And smiles and laughter.
Energy shift After our first session I left feeling lighter. Everything looked brighter and I felt waves of positivity wash over me and remind me that everything will be okay. Everything is okay. I don’t feel as anxious anymore.
Carlos O
Good session Directed to what I wanted. Good treat and patience.
Ann L
Wonderful session. My first session with Tapas was fun and profound, and it is always wonderful when those two attributes intersect. Thank you so much, Tapas, for an healing and compassion.
Patrycja K
Great Session Thank you Tapas again for amazing session and help. It‘s always a pleasure to be in your presence. Patti
Marie P
all about ME :) Thanks to Tapas for my Christmas gift this year was one of her sessions!! Amazing, too!!
Caryl W
Ending the inner war within Thanks to two fabulous sessions I can feel a shift within re inner warring parts on a specific issue...loved working with you Tapas. Thanks so much for your work.
Nancy P
Consultation session Lovely session. I really appreciate the way Tapas brings no agenda of her own to the table. This gives me room to discover my own experience.
Monika S
physical healing thank you, my body has been feeling much better.
Werner A. (AL) E
Good first meeting. Ms. Fleming was very accommodating and understood my issues. I am not sure if what Ms. Fleming teaches will work with me, but I am willing to try. Thank you.
Kristen H
Grateful! I am grateful for the TAT session with Tapas. Her energy is amazing, as is her spirit. I came away from my session feeling relieved, hopeful, and calm. I look forward to meeting with her again, and moving forward with a more fulfilled and renewed spirit, because of Tapas' help. Thank you, Tapas!
Chaos to calm The hour session i had over the weekend was a breath of fresh air. I won't go too deep into my experience, but upon finishing and resting for a while. I felt the most present in my body for far too long. Thank you again.
Katarina W
great session! It was so helpful to work with Tapas, to experience the simple non-judgmental power of her method with her loving guidance. Thank you, Tapas!
Kathleen V
Appointment with Tapas It is always a lovely experience to spend time with you, and to be guided personally in a TAT process is very powerful and a real privilege. My purpose in having a session was to address depression that I had been experiencing for a few months. When you gently guided me to spoke to all my parts to consider relaxing and live a happy life, I felt a new curiosity available in giving up a habitual pattern of automatically making myself wrong. After my session, I felt at peace and as the days have gone on, like "my normal self". Thank you so much for the blessing this work is!
ayeda r
Fantastic session I did a 30 min session with tapas and 3 days later I still have the peace, calm and change that I got then!
betsey p
excellent session working with tapas alwys produces really lasting results.
Annie L
I had no idea I had no idea what to talk about before our the last session, but I trusted you and your process to find why I was there. You knew, we worked on my PTSD symptoms. I feel happier, more calm and able to focus. Thank you
chana g
easy and comfortable Working with Tapas is a treat. She is comfortable, easy to talk to and efficient. I look forward to our upcoming sessions.
Can T
Body scan I took body scan session. It gives me a specific starting point what I TAT on. Tapas is very supportive. The session is a good tool for clarifying vague issues.
Tracy O
First session for certification Tapas was wonderfully upbeat and helpful in negotiating the website and what I needed to be successful in the certification program.
Relief! The session I had with Tapas was very effective in dealing with things that had been stirred up but not handled by earlier self-betterment approaches I had tried.
She’s the best! I truly appreciate the peacefulness I feel after working with Tapas.
Laurie T
TAT Session I finished a TAT session with Tapas to clear anything blocking me from moving forward in becoming visible online. She is so intuitive and her voice is so calming that I just listen and allow whatever needs to be happen. She is able to easily adjust to what you notice and her words she adds t the normal steps just seem magical to me. I am truly grateful for her and her sharing TAT with all of us.
Janice S
Healing session In the session with Tapas, I was able to address a number of issues, including physical pain. In the days since, I have experienced a reduction in my pain as well as a resolution of an issue related to my practice. I feel grateful that I have met Tapas and that I am able to work with her.
Bill H
helpdul beyond measure The insights and results were both VERY beneficial. I see more TAT in my near future to work on other issues. Many thanks!
Kimberly B
Helpful Cancer
Jessica G
Help with anxiety I had a half hour consult with Tapas to help me clear some anxiety I was experiencing in my body. It was remarkable how accurate the body scan was in highlighting what parts were needing attention. I accually got a good night's sleep after spending the previous two nights awake most of the night. Thank you Tapas, TAT, and divine light and love.
Huge difference If you are looking to break out of old stuff that has been holding you back I'd highly recommend a session. I've done 3 one-on-one sessions so far and each has helped me feel like some big issues are behind me. If I tune into the old stuff it simply does not have the grip it had. Also, for me, there was a shift in physical reality that feels magical in one of my sessions.
I am receiving abundance! A story about TAT with Tapas: I saw and felt the blocks, the old stuck beliefs. Then I saw them being transmuted and disappear into thin air. Then I saw and felt a Cadillac of Hope and Conviction come back to me from beyond. WOW!
Stephanie S
I feel like I've had a long vacation I had a second session with Tapas yesterday, following my first one a few months ago. Today at work, everyone said how rested and glowing I looked. It was all due to Tapas and TAT. She has a deep gift for intuitively seeing what's in one's energy field and finding an easy, safe way to clear it. She also has added in a new step that offers beautiful, resilient energy protection. When I let my mind rest for a moment on the ancestral/family/identity issue she cleared out of me, there's no longer any resonance to it at all. I *loved* that session. Tapas brings great warmth, empathy, kindness, and good humor to her work. It just feels so safe and easy and interesting to do TAT with her - and astonishingly effective.
I have a new understanding about what is going on in my body now The session gave me new insight as to what I need to work on. Thank you
I'm so glad I did that extra consult! The pointers you gave me re my last Skype session have proven incredibly valuable just today in working w two new clients. When doing the "Its possible that _____" extra step, one particularly recalcitrant client even said (almost shockingly compared to what else she shared) "I like that." : ) Yipee!
In a world of egos. . . Tapas is so candid that her honesty alone is very supportive.
Incredible! Thank you Tapas for a wonderful session, via Skype, last Thursday.It was far more in depth than I expected for a first session, and I feel a deep sense of calm and insight about the issue I worked on. You know the rest of the story.
Incredible relief! Tapas is such a gentle, compassionate and intuitive guide. The body scan, house scan (and computer scan) that Tapas did in our session not only helped my heart feels freer and lighter, but also cleared up the subtle but very disturbing sensations I had been experiencing in my body in the last few weeks. I feel like I have my body and my heart back! Thank you so much, Tapas, for your magic! I love you!
Stephanie S
incredibly lovely It's taken me a while to write this review. I was, first, simply overwhelmed by the healing power of my session with Tapas. I also wanted to see how the healing would continue to unfold. Since the session (about 3 weeks ago), I have felt relaxed about the particular issues she helped me address, and also simply more relaxed in general. When I think about the conditions and memories that have triggered anxiety for years (around weight and trusting men), they no longer have an electric charge. My body is more relaxed, and I'm sleeping better. I feel as if I've been in an emotional straitjacket for years and years, and I'm still getting used to moving freely again. The transition back into well-being has been gentle but significant and noticeable. The body scan and the other intuitive impressions Tapas had as she led me through the TAT session were so helpful. They felt spot on and have come to mind again and again in the days since, as a comfort and as a source of understanding. Those impressions, and the almost magical power of Tapas's kindness and her lovely voice, made the session more powerful for me than the TAT I do on my own (valuable though that is). I certainly plan to do more sessions.
Martha F
Individual session Tapas is an amazing, intuitive, sensitive and genuinely caring therapist. Her work is spot on. The journey can go anywhere and she is able to respond to wherever it goes, in the moment. I was touched by her warmth and acceptance. The session was a very powerful experience for me, revealing and integrating aspects of myself that I didn't know where there.
marilyn g
Individual tat session with Tapas Tapas is a master. She has created this unique system that combined with her skills as a clinician, cut through so many levels of pain, facilitating profound healing. I felt honored to work with her and the effects of working with her has felt immediate.
intense, in a good way! after a week to let my session 'relax' I feel calm and not so angry/frustrated about things I just couldn't let go of. Life has gotten better and more manageable! Blessings this Holiday Season to Tapas and staff family:)
Heather S
in the present Tapas I found the poem I mentioned,that tells so well where I am in this life, it was your understanding and willingness to remain there with me, accepting not knowing. that it's all right. Or something. Here is the last verse it is by Karen Solie a Canadia poet (a great poet) "One day your life will be a lake in the high country no one / will ever see, and also the animals there, figures / indistinguishable from ground / all of time will flow into it." love and thanks Heather
Bonnie M
I see changes Tapas did a session for my cats and dogs to help with some behavioral issues. It was not easy because the cats would not even come out of hiding long enough for her to get a good look at them. Even so over the past two days they have ventured out more and have been seeking more attention. We also have had no more pee accidents on the carpet. Thanks Tapas.
It Worked!!! I write this review with profound humility. When we seek "alternative" treatments, it is usually because the "standard" treatments have failed us. This is not placebo, sudo-science or any of the other terms others may use to label something they simply don't or are unwilling to understand. This is the future of healing through energy -- clearing emotional blocks that have been with us, our DNA both in the past and the present. And the bottom line is: IT WORKS Tapas has a gift, yes, but it is also up to the patient to be willing to participate in the healing process. This takes honesty and yes, it can (and for me was) quite scary at times. I had three (3) treatments, three consecutive weeks in a row. It took a lot out of me and I'm still (just a week later after all three) feeling the release but it's been nothing short of miraculous. Thank you, Tapas!
Joy and gratitude Beautiful session ending bathing in joy and gratitude.
Lara G
Just Awesome! So happy to have found Tapas and TATLife!I only wish I found her 20 years ago :-)
Monika S
last session Thank you, thank you, thank you! this was a truly amazing session! What transpired through your scanning, was the answer to my prayers in a most magnificent way! I am super grateful!!!! I still am not quite sure what is emerging, my throat feels more clear, and I feel more powerful in my beingness, and feel stronger in giving and receiving love. there is also a deeper trust when it comes to neg. influences that I can be ok and clear those. Your presence and sharing is very healing on top of TAT!!!
anne d
last session I really loved our work last friday. I immediately felt the effect in regard of receiving money with my client the next day! Super. I also loved our group meeting it was very strong and perfect. I would certainly love to participate more in this setting as I always believe in the perfection of such coming together. I was also really able to see the effect on the parts in my shadow. Thank you. Lots of regarding, respectful love to you and Amy!
Suzanne J
Launching After working with Tapas on problems related to lack of energy and fatigue, I feel like I am preparing to launch, or more accurately, the launch has begun. My energy is improving and my expectations for the future are bright and welcoming. Thank you Tapas!
Debbie M
Lawry Thank you!
Marisa M
Life changing I have been searching for Tapas my whole life. Finally, someone who understood my issues with energies, outworld forces and spirit. Tapas has this incredible ability to see beyond the physical and spiritual. Tapas see’s layers of energies, dimensions and things that most cannot even imagine. In a few minutes Tapas was describing in accurate detail what she saw attached to my crown chakra, my back, legs and heart. These dark interferences we not only causing me physical pain they were affecting my moods and ability to stay focused. During the session I could feel energies leaving my body! as they rose out I had this amazing experience; my energetic body was able to come fully into my physical body. Tapas was able to clear all the black energies, entities and false light beings in a loving gently way. Tapas allowed all to find their way into the true light as it should be. Tapas is the most beautiful being who is true light, her work is caring, compassionate, respectful of all involved and truly amazing. I feel so blessed to have been introduced to Tapas and I look forward to working with her in the future.
Laura Z
Lighter in Spirit Each time I work with Tapas I can tell that tremendous healing has taken place. Some times I am left exhausted and some times I am left feeling energized, it just depends. But EVERY time I walk away knowing that my mind and body are in a better space and place. I look forward to many more sessions. THANK YOU!
Constance w
lovely Working with Tapas was like standing in a field of loving energy. I feel much lighter and freer after our work together.
Lovely Energy Thank you Tapas !
Marian H
Lovely Experience Tapas was as I expected, gaining my confidence easily and quickly. I was mostly concerned with long-term depression and how it has affected my ability to be productive. Since our session, I have had more energy and experienced more happiness and productivity. I'm encouraged!
Sarah D
Love Tapas She is great. Very intuitive, helpful, insightful, and her work makes real changes. Highly recommended.
Marisa M
Love TAT I have had several sessions with Tapas and with each session I have found that I feel more peaceful and my energy is so much lighter. Thank you
Natasha S
Magical words This was my second session with Tapas and I was astonished at the words she chose to address my issues when I was in the pose -- they astonished me the insights they delivered, and no doubt, the healing as well. So splendid! I'm so grateful.
Janice S
Managing Anxiety I feel very fortunate that I am able to meet and work with Tapas; in addressing my feelings of anxiety with Tapas, I was able to identify the roots and release feelings of sadness and guilt. With gratitude and love, Janice
Ulrike W
Mentorin session Just feel uplifted, joyful and light hearted when and after working wiht you :-) So happy to be able to share this with my clients
Ulrike W
Mentorin session Dear Tapas, I love the way you do Mentorin sessions and I learn a lot form it for my own work with students! Even doing the sessions on Skype, there is a heart to heart connection and so much love and light that flows between us. You allow for the personal touch, you sense the points to work on and your suggestions and remarks are füll of wisdom. You generously share your experience and your love for this work. Thank you so much - I am looking forward to our next session! Love and :-) Ulrike
Sukoshi R
Miracle of TAT My session with Tapas was surprising. As always her approach was spot on, fresh and tailor made for the situation, for what came up. We got to such a deep old hurt from when I was two years old!!! and it dissolved into absolute beauty. I never knew it was there, that I had formed this decision as a result of childhood abuse that had been running my life ever since. TAT is a miracle. I've felt this way since I had my first session years ago. TAT with Tapas is light, penetrating, profound, holy. I'm so excited to see how the rest of my life goes from here!
thalia v
Miracles do happen I was going to an event that was triggering intense anxiety and conflicted feelings. I worked with Tapas. The event is over and amazing things happened. I know that miracles came my way because of the work with Tapas! BIG SMILE
More Grounded and in my body I feel much more grounded and in my body ~ a lot more present. I feel more clear.
Lisa Lemucchi
✨More Light good energy ☀️ Hi Tapas💖🙏🏻 Thank so much for the tat session. It was really good 😊 I feel a real shift. That evening I went out to dinner with a group of my girlfriends they all commented on how good I looked. One of my friends even stared at me for a few moments & said there's something different about you, your energy feels different, it's really good 😊 I just feel more ✨light ☀️
Gwyneth M
More than A session with Tapas is much more than a therapy appointment. The work is deep and complete. The feeling is of being safely held and gently probed. Even if you don't know what is changing and clearing. It is.
lesley matthews
MRS matthews ?
My 2 sessions with Tapas In the past 2 weeks I had 2 skype sessions with Tapas. I'll begin at the end: One of the issues we worked on was getting rid of the negative effects of a medicine that I had taken. Although I had stopped taking it a couple months prior, problematic, ongoing side-effects lingered. They were draining my energy, causing me great worry, and generally unwelcome. I am happy to report that circumstances this morning which would likely have had the symptoms rear their ugly heads- just 2 days after my second session with Tapas, did NOT bring them on! The symptoms seem (so far!)to have left the building! I'm going out to buy a lock :) I stated above that I was reviewing the last thing first. So now, as for the first item: I have to tell you that just speaking with Tapas for a session was uplifting. There is healing to be had speaking, smiling and laughing with a friend...even without looking forward to peeling away layers of pain. And if you put the two! Thank you, Tapas, it was my pleasure :)
Mary S
My 3rd eye started working I can now see black energy ,my intuition is working ,more light is in my vision ,I feel I'm recovering from my chronic diseases .I'm not afraid to ask for help.
Douglas G
my brand new day I have worked with Tapas many times over the years. I have never had anything but a positively transforming experience. Yay!
Michele B
My Heart Is Singing Working with Tapas is such a great pleasure. My time with her is always focused, fun and healing for me. Our sessions together have resulted in my life feeling more enjoyable and filled with purpose. I feel more confident in my work, more friendly, more present, and my heart always sings with joy after our sessions. Not only is Tapas the ultimate professional, she works in pure presence, allows her true self to be seen as much as she sees, hears and accepts the real me. I love you, Tapas
Judy H
My Incredible Healing Experience! I always wanted to have a session with you and finally decided to. I had a bunch of things that have been holding me back. Things that I believed "should" have been cleared so long ago. But it seemed like I had been spinning my wheels for so long with very little progress in certain areas of my life. You listen without judging. I felt completely accepted and free to say what I was going through. And when you did the body scan, you said that you had never seen what you were seeing in me..I kind of laughed to myself thinking, of course I had to have the wacky thing. You said you saw an Ogre/Man in me. He was scaring me and stopping my forward progress. Almost keeping a prisoner. I had seen him in me for the last 5 or 6 years. I was never sure if it was real or just my imagination. You helped me release him and his hold on me. You helped me with my little girl issues surrounding childhood abuse that was keeping me disconnected from myself and my life. That was so huge for me. I literally felt my little girl as a part of me instead of outside of me scared and on her own. You helped me with fears of future abuse. And with body issues. There were so many things we were able to touch on! I didn't expect to clear so many issues in an hour. I slept for 15 hours. I never do that. The following day I felt sad. I realized that I was saying goodbye to how things have been for me for so so long. I did TAT for the loss and it was gone. I'm ever so grateful to you Tapas. You have the most wonderful and loving way of supporting and understanding what I was going through. When we were clearing my issue about not feeling like I was "special" enough to do healing work, that was amazing. And the vision I had at the end of the table of healers with Jesus at the head of the table and you being there inviting me to join in on the group made me cry! It was transforming! I can't thank you enough for all that you have helped me clear! I'm forever grateful!!
Katherine (Kathey) A
My last session Had a great session. I appreciate Tapas very much.
Sukoshi R
my latest session with Tapas I had a session scheduled with Tapas, but I didn't have anything much "up" at the moment, so I thought let's just do a session on whatever comes up. As usual, it was amazing. Tapas kept repeating back what I had said, and as we went deeper I was able to give myself total permission about something I didn't even realize was a problem. It might sound like we created a problem to justify the session, but it was just the opposite. Without the session, I wouldn't have realized there was a problem because it was subtle and over-arching my belief system. And now it's gone. Yippee!
Nidhu Satishi K
My session Tapas is so easy to speak to! I brought a whole bunch of machine energies/alien energies and she was unfazed as she took me through the sentences. I knew the hold and she spoke the words for me. I am glad to have done this session - TAT showed up for me many years back and I am very pleased to have worked with it's creator :)
Lynn H
My session with Tapas I found the session with Tapas useful,...I could see more clearly how I choose to live a role in my life,as stepping away from the role is unknown and brings up old pain
Necessary nurturing I do a lot of TAT on my own (and with clients). But working with Tapas is so wonderfully effective and beautiful. In only an hour this past week I was able to really feel in my body a profound change towards a problem that had been dogging me. I feel so calm and grounded now, and connected to my own ability to heal. Our session was powerful but so gentle. At the end I saw Tapas' loving smile and suddenly it seemed like all the love in the Universe was with me (and everyone). I can't recommend a session with Tapas highly enough.
Needing love and support As usual my session with Tapas went where I needed to go. I was more parched than I realized. I felt unloved, unsupported, malnourished etc... Tapas worked with the energy that came up and by the end I felt nourished and loved. What could be better or more important than that?
Sally W
Nice Very helpful and warm and caring
Doug G
one more victory Yipiee aye o kayay, gallopin all the way, here comes Quickstraw McGraw ! ! !
Open Hearts It is always a joy to work with Tapas. This was my first time one on one. After our session together (she also worked with one of my cats) we both have more open hearts and dwindling fear. Thank you, Tapas for your great presence and love.
anne d
our last session dear Tapas, I already notice a difference in my work after our session. I feel calm and do not have the same experience as before. Today I had 4 new clients and really a lot of stoppers coming up and I just stayed relaxed and open the whole day. thank you wholeheartedly! Love to you dear spirit!
Personal Session with Tapas I just want to say, my sessions with Tapas so far have been phenomenal. Issues that I thought I could never, ever get rid of, are now melting away. This is amazing!! I highly recommend Tapas, she is a gifted and compassionate healer. Thank you, Tapas!
Laurie W
Phone session 4/27/16 I really enjoyed talking with you Tapas. I felt at ease and felt we had a great rapport.
Post tramatuc stress Tapas was exceptionally helpful to me . My husband of 45 years died unexpectedly while we were talking at our kitchen table six mionrhs ago.. this has been devastating to our entire family . I have experienced constant grief and was almost incapable of functioning due to reoccurring thoughts surrounding that hard night. I experienced great relief with Tappas work despite my own doubts. I have no idea of why and how this worked or how long iit will last .. but I have not cried fir twenty four hours and have been able to be much more my old self .
Nina M
Presence I love Tapas' Presence during the sessions - really truly THERE with me. I feel free and safe and release.
Barbara M
present fredom Every little tangle seemed erased My eyes viewed things with a new freshness, very childlike, and full of joy. If was given a new purpose with so much comfort and happiness and ability to make it happen with no expectancy. Feels fabulous.
Haya W.
Priceless Dear Tapas, I found our time together to be priceless. As a result of my TAT session with you, the quality of my own work deepened astronomically. The inner clarity you supported me in achieving is sending many ripples of blessing. Thank you, Haya
anne d
private session very rewarding session and it is wonderful to work directly with you Tapas. I can just hardly recall what we have worked on, that is a very good sign :-)
Sukoshi R
Private session with Tapas Tapas provided the most exquisite and subtle guidance to uncovering and healing a HUGE glitch in my operating system that seemed to connect to a past life and played out in this one as a low level background self-despair. I am always amazed by the power of TAT to reveal what resides in the subconscious, bring it to consciousness and allow it to heal. Everything is so gentle, no part is excluded or made to feel bad or wrong. By removing any resistance, we moved so quickly to a place of the most amazing beauty and bliss. The image that came to me in the session is one I now use to anchor myself and hold this new state of awareness.
Profound I am very touched by Tapas' grace and presence and feel like a truly profound shift occurred in our session. I'm so grateful!!
Profound physical changes! I have had feelings of difficulty getting enough oxygen into my lungs for several years. I recently purchased a fingertip pulse oximeter that measures the oxygen in the blood. The profusion index measurements are between .2 and 20, with .2 being extremely low and 20 being very good. My readings were in the range of 1-3 depending on the day. Tapas and I did a session on taking o2 into the red blood cells and I had the “memory” of my birth—my mother had been heavily anesthetized (1969) and I realized that had I allowed oxygen and other nourishment from her at that time the chemicals that were in her system would have flowed through to me as well. So shutting them out meant shutting out the oxygen. I felt enormously better after the session and checked my profusion index. It was between 6-7. It’s been a week now and continues to be in 6-8 range--I look forward to seeing where this new oxygenated blood leads me!
James M
Profound shift Thanks!
betsey p
really fascinating a really fascinating session-- as always.
betsey p
really,really helpful it's a privilege to work with tapas.
betsey p
really splendid work i have had more interesting and valuable insights with tapas than in any other context. the results last.
Linda L
Recent session with Tapas The session was extremely helpful to me. I have been under a lot of stress due to medical and mental health complications. Tapas listens very carefully, and builds the session to reflect what she has heard. I found great relief in just a half hour! Thank you!
Reclaiming my light back Working with Tapas is such a blessing and a gift. I have used the parts protocol on myself many times on the relationship issue I have with my mom, and yet working with Tapas brings the healing process to a deeper level than I could access on my own. With her loving guidance, I was able to allow the parts of me to express themselves more fully than when I was working with myself. So much new awareness and deep understanding, not mention acceptance, came out from our 1-hour session. Thank you for helping me reclaim my Light back, Tapas! My deepest gratitude to you for bringing TAT into the world and for your great big heart!
Julia B
reclaiming my voice As always, Tapas was right there with me and understood just what I needed. After our session, my voice was more clear and smooth than it's been in years! I am so very grateful to Tapas and this amazing work!
Reinforcing a realisation This session with Tapas was to reinforce my realisation from a recurring dream that it is not needed for me to understand what I do not understand. This may appear a simple realisation of an obvious reality but I have been burdened throughout my life with the assumption that I should be able to understand what In fact I do not understand and therefore have felt inadequate about those lack of understandings. So I chose to consolidate that realisation and as a result feel unburdened from that incorrct assumption. Thank you Tapas.
Pauline L
releasing limiting beliefs from childhood I am very happy with the results I'm getting from my sessions with Tapas! Thank you so much! Every session is feeling easier and easier, the strong resistance I had is letting go and I feel the changes and shifts in the sessions becoming faster and lighter. It feels really good. I look forward to my next session. A big thank you!!
Pauline L
releasing panic and overwhelm Thank you Tapas for the wonderful session! Yesterday, I experienced a panic attack in the the morning and felt horrible before my session with Tapas. During the session we worked on releasing childhood issues and traumas and today I feel great! The panic and overwhelm is gone I feel very light and happy! Thank you Tapas!
Marisa M
Relief I have had several sessions with Tapas over the past few months and the experiences have been amazing. I am overwhelmed with the change in my relationship, the TAT session cleared my stress and anxiety's that I was experiencing. It literally changed my feelings within minutes. I am looking forward to where TAT will take my life. Thank you Tapas
Relief! After several weeks of feeling unusually overwhelmed, stressed, and generally "out of balance," I called Tapas for a one-on-one appointment. After explaining that I felt like all of my emotions were not "mine," Tapas immediately knew what I needed. Upon completion of our 30 minute session, I was immediately feeling relieved, and what's more, joyful again!
Removing blocks to abundance Wow! Since my session with Tapas I feel reconnected to freely flowing abundance! I cannot wait until our next session!
Douglas G
reply ridiculously effective, holy cow, yippieyiyay, gallopin all the way!
Douglas G
review Life changing, just that simple.
Doug G
Review Always so supportive, insightful, transforming. Me likee. Yes. No muss. No fuss, just wonderful expansion.
Doug G
review Finding the hour long session is much more effective for me, done this many times always positive results.
Douglas G
Review Yippie I O Kiyay, galloping all the way, here comes Quickstraw McGraw !!!!!!
Doug G
review Fab. Just Fab. Tapas has one of the kindest, most non judgmental dispositions I have ever encountered. And talk about effective? Wowzers! She and her work are awesome! Yes!
Doug G
review Have worked with Tapas many times, always very beneficial ! ! !
Eleanor E
Review of phone session. I had heard wonderful things about Tappas Fleming's presence and healing energy and was not disappointed in this session. She listened to a complex history of the problem, worked with me patiently and responsively on this difficult, multi-pronged issue, and helped me to feel more settled and receptive to working it through. I found myself responding more openly, lovingly and creatively to a new facet of it several days after the session.
Dianne C
safety ! Thank you,Tapas. You are such a sweet breath of fresh air through my life in my sessions with you ! The cobwebs and destructive dust of years vanish with your loving compassion; so easily, so gently, so successfully ! My wish is that all suffering ones come to know of this radical journey to safety with you.
scan with attacking en tiry in front of heart and bowligball around head Hi Tapas. not sure how to do this! as always. I LOVE working with you. you are 100% precise in your scanning, but afterwise I have the same symptoms and the same pains - like nothing has happened. And I fully know that may only mean that I am just supposed to be with this more, allow it, hold it etc - but my feeling state overall seems to have not changed. It DOES seem to change during the session - always - but then afterwards, its seems like back to start. Still very v ery hard to breathe, just like when that entity was there hacking me in the chest. Could also me my attachment to the sufferer-me - somehow I get the pain back. Yack. But I can't know WHAT exactly has happened and change.
Monika S
session Great session!!! thanks so much for going the extra mile/time with me. still a little too much heat in my head, regardless I very much appreciate your support and who you are !!!!
Monika S
session HI Tapas, thank you for last session. It was super helpful. I no longer feel like a victim. The faraday protection, I call it love shield or love protection is great. I have felt that I am in a love bubble that feels really good. And have done good work with clients. I know the guides they talk to me everyday and tell me how much they love me. they like talking to you and me working with you :) thanks once more, infinitely grateful.
Manuella A
session Very satisfied, on time, welcome, competency , going deep, THANK YOU
Monika S
session thank you for your kindness, compassion and fluidity in the session. an hour later I was able to clear some very dark cloaked neg. energy that had been creating some of the pain
Monika S
session thank you so much. felt very peaceful after this, light accepting of any health challenges I am going through, in the flow.
Ian B
Session I really enjoyed my session and felt that you were totally there for me. As to my eczema problem, no change, but something that has taken so long to manifest will surely take some time to go!
Monika S
session great session, felt much more peace after... thank you so much
Jesse Luis
Session Tapas is awesome!!!
Session I recently had a session to increase and boost my confidence. It has only been a couple of days and expect it to take some time to kick in. However i have felt more optimistic and we worked on many issues. i think I may need at least one more session to really get beyond some of the issues. I have trust in Taps who has helped me before and i enjoy working with her. thank you.
Monika S
session Wonderful session, thank you for seeing me, thank you for being so creative, thank you for helping with what ever is present.
Julie A
session I was eagerly awaiting my session with Tapas as I had been very challenged over the last 3 months, physically and emotionally. I am very pleased to report that I have already experienced a very distinctive attitude shift in how I view the personal circumstances I find myself in. I feel profoundly more connected to my deeper self and more capable of seeing things as they are. I liked the no nonsense, practical approach and effective approach that Tapas has, with her depth of spirit and wealth of presence. For anyone who is looking to shift and clear, I would highly recommend her. I appreciate the very special time I had with her!
Debbie M
session Hi Tapas -- we were very pleased with the session. thank you! Lawry & Debbie
Session Incredible shift occurs within . It's an experience that is difficult to describe but one which I wish every human being.
Monika S
session and training thank you for all that you do for me, which is bring me back to love, happiness and peace
Monika S
session monday Thank you for the session. I felt much better after..less irritable, tired in afternoon. Unfortunately on tuesday had new negative energy on me to be cleared at night.
Monika S
session on Monday Thanks Tapas, so far its worked miracles, that same night I was feeling comfortable and ease connecting with potential dating partners. And it turns out I found one that I really am attracted to and he responded with joy. ..I only need one ( as you said...these words stuck with me..) he will be traveling so I won't meet him just yet but it felt hopeful and I felt more seen too. thank you.
Monika S
session on Thursday Hi Tapas, Thank you so much for the session. I feel much better. I feel less plagued by a voice that was putting me down. My confidence is back, my sense of self. I feel lighter and happier. First to days was some integration, I was super tired the day of the TAT. Second day my mind was a bit under construction. Now my mind seems to flow better. I want to do another session just to be sure I am complete and good and to learn and witness more how you work. thank you so much, I enjoy you and the way you work.
Sessions I waited until today to post on yesterday's session with Tapas because I wasn't sure how much it had achieved (due only to being tired when we did it and in pain from a source other than the area we took up.) It's instructive that the session still worked, despite those two factors. I slept better than usual and can see its effects now. I'm dealing with an inheritable collagen defect which goes right through my family. It wrecks lives and ruins families because of the losses it causes.It means your body won;t hold up. It falls apart, things collapse, herniate, prolapse, decay, perforate with no warning. Charming. Collagen is vital in nearly every tissue of the body, to hold its structure, including bone. I wish my sister who died last year had known of TAT - she tried everything she could - except drugs, which are worse than useless. The condition is certainly much more widespread than doctors claim; they've been trying for years to label it psychosomatic which has devastated many people, however their own kind of proof is catching up with them and they now have genetic markers for most kinds. Of course though they have no idea how to alter gene expression, though it doesn't stop them from trying - with clunky and implausible treatments. With Tapas we addressed a major impedence (which probably functioned as a genetic predisposition up the track)and I felt change occurring in a slow wave through much of my upper body, which is where I have had the most severe neurological and structural damage from this condition. Allopathic doctors would be unable to get their minds around the idea that you could alter a genetic line, either in this way, or especially one that appeared to have been older than my body. So saying that I felt the condition is no longer active in me after that session would be major woo woo for the, - but who cares. Of course I will continue to offer my body the nutritional constituents of collagen manufacture as this is commonsense. (One is vitamin C which humans can't make - I suspect they could once as it's necessary for life). And having this condition all my life has led to plenty of knock-on effects which need addressing but it is much easier now to get good changes in my body, and to make them stick. Before, you could do all you wanted and it might appear to work awhile but the condition would sooner or later pull the mat out from under everything. So one becomes cautious about proclaiming success. It's no longer such a massive effort to walk through a day. Or get out of bed, or endure the pain there on waking. So much is receding. Having lived with it all my life I don't know what's normal, and people who have this are inclined to settle for less, having gradually acquired low expectations, so it make take more sessions but that will be fine. I also look forward to continuing TAT with Tapas on all the injuries, trauamas and losses caused by living with this. This body doesn't feel like a major ball and chain any more, working against me silently nonstop. I have been up and about when I couldn't have been, out walking in the rain, climbing slopes without losing my balance, having better reaction time, and better able to deal with stress. Maybe I can yet help people in my family who are still alive. Thank you, Tapas. +++++++++
Monika S
session this week HI Tapas, thanks again for this wonderful session. I have remained back in my power ever since. I have moved forward in organizing my next yoga group, with ease and joy. I no longer identify with victimhood, and feel this blissful higher energy and feel strong. I am deeply grateful for all you do. Love and light to you.
betsey p
session with tapas working with tapas is a privilege.
Deborah S
Session with Tapas Transformative! Just when I think it can't get any better, it does! I feel fully open to this Adventure called life, with full Faith in the awesome wisdom/TAT I get to share.
Manuella A
session with Tapas This session has opened something ( a new path to deal with me and parts of me that needs extra care!!!)in me to go further in my healings, specially in reconnecting parts of me. I am still doing some TAT now because the "business" is not completely over;But I feel better specially this morning I discover an issue that can be the root of not being completely unified: my mother was always teared between two wish: to die or to live, to kill me or to let me live, to be on me or to abandon me, I have something new to work on and feel it will be a good moment with my parts. Thanks you so much Tapas for the evolution of your work. Blessings
Deborah S
Session with Tapas Thank you Tapas, for your shining presence. So comforting and and I always know you will help, and did, in your gentle and powerfully quiet way. Thank you for helping me clear away parts that were stuck, that needed to move to a happier place. The best part was feeling connected with the energy and people I was pushing away. I can be present with them and it does not drain my energy or take anything away from me. Blessings. And yes, you may quote me. :))
Julia B
session with Tapas As always, Tapas was very attentive, creative and compassionate. I always learn alot about myself and I am clearing out some very old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me. Thank you, Tapas!
Scott M
Session with Tapas Thank you Tapas for a wonderful and very helpful phone session! Much appreciated!
Session with Tapas I have had two half hour sessions with Tapas. It doesn't sound like much time, but a lot of work was done and shifts occur. It is indepth work, stuff from childhood that having Tapas hold the space makes the shifts easier and feel so much safer. She also keeps notes for the next session which is great as it just builds onto what has already been done. I loved working with Tapas and I consider myself very lucky to have the possibility of sessions with her. I am going to save extra so that I can experience a hours session with her.
Scott M
Session with Tapas I had a very healing phone session with Tapas, and I am truly grateful for her wonderful skills facilitating my TAT session. Thank you!
Session with Tapas on skype What a lovely feeling I carry inside of me today after the session yesterday. It comes to me how little effort is required to "come back home" into myself. Thank you Tapas ! What you do and teach is such a profound "work" - I wish many more would know of this !
settling! Tapas works magic!
betsey p
simply wonderful it's a privilege to work with Tapas.
Judith S
Sixty minute phone session I find this approach to be gentle and thorough. I am noticing that a shift seems to have taken place in regard to my issue of concern. I look forward to experiencing how this plays out in my daily life
Benedicte A
skype session If this can be put in words which won't represent all the deepness and love connections experienced in the session, I will say that my session was like being in the care of an artist goldsmith woman who allows the beam of lightto go in every corner that needs attention and cleaning so that the Light can pass through the jewel and give the best brightness thatis possible at that moment. In physical terms I feel whole and more aligned than ever, I allow myself to listen to my heart rather than my heaand feelmuch more happier. This session is a bit too fresh to say more but I am looking forward to see the marvels of this session. Thanks so much and blessings
Manuella A
Skype session It is always a "magic" moment not knowing where the offer all the stressings things will lead to. Done with love, space, accuracy and grace. And always something change.Thanks Tapas
Manuella A
skype session As always a very flowing session where some stoppers/ negative beliefs. Some peace experience and more love towards me. I love the way Tapas works with accuracy/deep, presence and love Thanks
Skype session Recently I have experienced quite many challenges in my life and I realized at the session that a part (parts?) of me has been disconnected from me - I havent seen this untill now and I have not realized until the session that the very big operation I went through some years ago (and one year of illness before the operation) has had the impact on me that it has. Heartful thanks for a much needed session.
Skype session I appreciate, the accuracy, the presence and love in the "field "of Tapas professional session.I felt and experienced deep connections which allow me to be more an more spontaneously myself. Thanks
Manuella A
skype session I always love a session with Tapas . Her knowledge and perceptions mixed with a deep Love and "delicatesse"made this session valuable that I can move one or more steps forward at my own rythm and I feel that I have more clarity on me instead of blaming the outside . Thanks
Skype session Tapas you helped me get more peaceful. I knew I needed help. Lets talk at another time abt that website issue. Its ok to agree to disagree.
Julia B
Skype session withbTapas As always, Tapas is a compassionate,intelligent listener. She is optimistic and positive, and exudes love and joy. She is a pleasure to work with.I always feel lighter and freer after a session with Tapas.
Julia B
Skype session with Tapas Tapas is wonderfully compassionate and optimistic. Two qualities which are so helpful for healing. She is truly a gifted healer!
Julia B
Skype session with Tapas An excellent session. I again felt much lighter and freer when we were done. Tapas is a joy to work with. She is compassionate and non-judgmental and helps me to be more this way, too. I love putting everything and anything into the pot to be cleared. I send my gratitude to Tapas for this work and for her presence.
Julia B
Skype session with Tapas My first session with Tapas was wonderful,both relaxing and energizing. I look forward to experiencing more and more of the freedom that TAT brings and am so very grateful to have discovered it.
Sleep problems I have experienced significant relief after one session with Tapas thar focused on a lifelong sleep problem. This is not the first time Tapas has helped me experience profound healing.
Eileen Z
So grateful to Tapas! It's hard to describe the wonder of a session with Tapas. We laugh together, shed a tear together, and I have the most amazing insights, experiences, visions, and healings. She holds the space for whatever comes up, and with every session, new and unexpected things come up, ready to be released and healed. It is such a joy to work with Tapas! Thank you, from the bottom of my overflowing heart.
Kathy P
So helpful, as always! I was very excited about having a private Skype session with Tapas and I was not disappointed. Tapas has such a calming way about her and exudes such a confidence and clarity that it's hard not to be personally touched by her demeanor. She is so willing and open to share her rare gifts with her clients. The issues I wanted to work on were cleared in just one TAT session and I'm feeling great! Thank you, Tapas, for sharing your talents with the world!
Eileen Z
So much fun! I love sessions with Tapas!! We have so much fun together! I laugh, I cry, and I am always surprised by what comes up and who shows up to play with me and support my healing. Feeling so much lighter, more balanced, and able to breathe more easily, ahhh. Thank you, Tapas, from the bottom of my heart and soul☀🌀💜
Marisa M
Spot on As always Tapas was spot on. I have been working on ancestral stuff and Tapas was able to see exactly what it was that I was missing and healed the trauma that was still in play in myself and my family. Feeling very blessed. Thank you again Tapas
Staying in the present Once again Tapas and TAT helped me stay in the present instead of projecting my fears and anxieties into the future. I felt much more peaceful after the session. Thank you, Tapas!
Sarah D
such a huge help I've worked with Tapas alone and also had her work with my co-workers. I've had dramatic, hugely satisfying results. Tapas has a gift and is able to communicate it clearly to people used to energy work and people who are brand new to it. Highly, highly recommended.
Natasha S
Such breakthroughs! After receiving distressing medical news, Tapas was the first person I thought of, though I've never had a session with her. In my first one, she zeroed in on so much and facilitated some miraculous changes. I am in awe at the process and the person!
Jane B
Such gentle and deep healing I shouldn't have been so surprised at the deep, profound and elegant healing session I had with Tapas. I know her and her work and know it to be extraordinary. I arrived to the session feeling a bit indecisive about what to work on. I didn't even have a firm sense when I booked the session; just that I should do it. What emerged was surprising, and something I thought I had healed "enough" on my own. Having her awesome (in the true sense of the word) spirit to assist made an enormous and life-changing difference. Don't wait till you have something "big" or "real" or "specific" to work on. Show up. See what happens. And see how life feels afterwards. You'll be glad you did.
chantal q
Such RELIEF! I am so grateful and happy that I booked my session with Tapas. I was familiar with TAT but had not yet worked with a Practitioner. It is WELL WORTH it! I am feeling so much lighter and have a peace and freedom that I felt immediately after my session with Tapas. THANK YOU! I'll be booking again for sure:-)
Megha K
Such relief!!! I had a 60 minute session over skype with Tapas and it was absolutely amazing!!! I was struggling with fatigue, anxiety and feeling myself in a new environment. Tapas effortlessly helped me to release trauma from a car accident I had over 3 years ago, and I have not felt so free since! I feel so much more myself, my anxiety is practically gone and I have so much more confidence about succeeding in my new graduate program. She is absolutely wonderful and I have tried many things before. The session with her was without a doubt the best investment I made in my health. I highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in any way. She was able to help me access things that I could not on my own. I am so grateful!
Sugar addiction gone Can be hard to credit that a lifelong "affliction" (ha ha) could go just like that. Specially when you have tried and tried for decades. I started "using" sugar when I was very little.If I had a sweetie in my gob, (usually a hard one, so it would last as long as possible) when I looked out at the world it didn't seem as bad as it was. I didn't confront what I was doing, because what little child wants to see that their life has big holes in it.So I isolated myself in my sugar haze. I kept on with my sugar 'anaesthetic' treatment later in life,because I hadn't addressed the childhood stuff fully and I could tell that (other) drugs and alcohol would kick back in unacceptable ways. Sugar did too, of course. Not any more. We only addressed it once and it's gone. My health is improving - every day I can feel my body getting stronger. Sugar is one of the two worst things for collagen (the other is fluoride). Collagen is everywhere throughout the body, and holds bones together. I have increasing health to look forward to! I had some sugar the other day as an experiment.Pleasant at the time but, meh! There are better sensations. I'm discovering them daily. I'm glad I never gave up, and so glad I found Tapas. Thank you also to Julie who told me to.
Douglas G
Super fantastic Awesome, fucking great!
Andrea M
Surprised by peace In my first ever session with Tapas I was a bit surprised that what came up most was not what I had thought I would be dealing with. Left the session with deep peace in relation to some generational healing with my mother and maternal grandmother. Hugely grateful! Thank you Tapas :-)
Laurie J
Tapas -A Guiding and Loving Presence Tapas assisted me with several issues and expertly guided me. I felt a shift and an inner peace afterwards. I will work with her again.
Rudy Hunter
Tapas Has Always Been A Gem I'm a LONGTIME fan...back when Tapas' work was only available in mimeographed form...and I've been following her ever since. She is inspired and TAT is inspired. I'm very fortunate to have had the luxury to have several sessions with her. Love Tapas & Love the work.
Eileen Z
Tapas is a gem. Tapas is a kind, loving, supportive, compassionate, and highly intuitive healer. She's also a lot of fun to work with! I always feel so much better after a session with Tapas. She helps me gain insights that are truly life-changing. Tapas is amazing, wonderful, fabulous -- you get the idea! I feel blessed to know her and work with her.
betsey p
tapas is so perceptive tapas's perception is extraordinary. it's wonderful to work with her.
Holly H
Tapas is way ahead of the time. Always exciting and full filling to work with Tapas. You are a true warrior. I look forward to working/ playing again soon.
Bill H
Tapas's scans provide insight TAT is a great tool - easy and effective! I want add Tapas's "scans" have provided important insights I would have never discovered on my own. I highly recommend you book a personnel session with her!
Maria G
Tat Thank you Tapas! I enjoyed our session!
Maria G
Tat Thank you Tapas! I enjoyed our session!
Mohanad A
TAT Thank you for the very touching session. You held the energy and made the space for the healing to take a place.
betsey p
T.A.T. best therapy available T.A.T. is the best mind /body interface available and working with Tapas is the best of the best.
TAT for my Cat and Me I received a private session with Tapas for helping my 12 year old cat heal from a difficult kittenhood and a recent thyroid treatment. It's hard to tell how my cat feels by looking at her sometimes, but I think she seems to be happy and doing better overall. She still won't let my mom pet her without rearing back, but I haven't seen her have any major anxiety with jumping onto things since the session. She also seems to have more ease in her posture (like she's more relaxed) when she's sleeping, which she didn't used to have. Overall, I think there was improvement with my cat, it's just hard for me to read it in any more detail than that. As for myself... I have felt a noticeable lift in my mood after participating in the session with my cat and in the online webinar for myself. The first day, I was soooo HAPPY (which is highly unusual for me, that I almost didn't know how to handle the happiness! I was wondering if it was what being high or manic felt like! haha But I honestly think it was just that I had not been so happy and had such a light mood in so many years that it was like a pleasant, but shocking experience to me to the point that I didn't know what to do with it. That happy "high" has since subsided a bit but I still feel lighter and happier in general daily life, so I definitely feel that there was some healing taking place. I am so surprised that this much change was produced from just one or two sessions of TAT for me and with my cat. I am excited to see how far I can extend this improvement and continue to heal when I do more TAT sessions on myself! I am very thankful for Tapas' efforts and the techniques that she has developed. I truly believe it will continue to help me, my cat, and many other people and their animal companions. Much love, light, and thanks (from both me and my kitty) to Tapas!
TAT on residual co-dependence I have been doing self-sessions on this subtle tendency of placing other peoples needs before my own. ( I was trained as a woman as a daughter throughout many life times that it would be selfish to have needs and never mind express them) During my Skype session with TAPAS, I got to the root of this disharmony. There have been at least two weeks between our session and this writing. The results of lightness and authenticity with full expression are still being realized. I remain gentle and compassionate with all communications but I am able to " speak up and out"! During our session Tapas related to me the body scan she did on me. The body scan brought me to a whole new level of feeling why I was having a session with her ( even though I am a trainer of TAT and work on self daily!) At the conclusion of our session I felt completely lighter giddy and it was reflected within the second body scan she offered me. This session was amazing. THANK YOU FROM THE EXPANSION OF MY HEART TAPAS
Judith S
TAT phone session Tapas did a scan of my energy and then a TAT session which was fascinating and I believe has helped to move me forward in changing a stubborn energy pattern. I enjoyed Tapas’ energy and presence and look forward to future experiences with her and with TAT
Jakob M
TAT session 45 minutes to expand my brain capaicty to new levels of performance - always with full brain capacity at all times by 'simply' eliminating the blocks to go there.
Anjali M
TAT session Dear Tapas! You have touched my life in most beautiful ways. Thank you! And thank you for TAT.
TAT session on various relationship issues Thanks Tapas, was a great session and I feel much better. Keep in touch!
Kymberly V
TAT session with my Dog! I had a wonderful session that was centered around my dog and a few health limitations. Tapas was kind and discussed what she saw throughout the session. We worked on my beloved pup and would then check back to see if any additional work was needed. It was a wonderful experience that brought about great results for my guy. Many thanks Tapas for all that you do!
Pauline L
TAT session with Tapas I had a great session, stirred a lot of stuff up and we cleared a lot. I'm looking forward to my next session with Tapas. Thank you so much!
TAT session with Tapas Wonderfully freeing session. Thank you.
TAT session with Tapas is A treasure A feeling of deep relaxing came after my session with Tapas. She helped me release worries so i could found enormous love and support inside me and all around me. I felt gratitude and a sense of security toward my life now. Thank you Tapas. What a gift to know you. Alice
Scott M
Thank you Thank you Tapas for our session yesterday. I appreciate being able to do these phone sessions with you and continue my healing progress. With appreciation. Scott.
Petra R
thank you The session with Tapas moved something within me. Even though the session was via Skype Tapas created a warm and welcoming atmosphere
Eric R
thank you Tapas, thank you so much for the session you gave me yesterday. I feel that numerous blockages in and around the heart area have been released.
Crystal L
Thank you! Tapas is warm and calm that I easily felt comfortable. The session progressed with me feeling lighter and happier. The process is simple and yet so effective. I emerged a more free person and can't stop smiling! It's like a huge clearing and healing has happened. Best of all, it's gone and won't be visiting me again. Thanks Tapas for not only helping me but teaching me to help myself!
Kim B
Thank-you Thank-you Tapas for your work. You've taken me on journey that has crossed centuries and covered miles. I felt like she took me on a journey similar to Ebenezer Scrouge taking me through the past, present, and allowing me to make a better future. Another way of looking at it is as if someone is whispering to you, "wake-up".
Maayan P
Thank you so much You saw a really important issue that I have neglected
Thank you Tapas! I'm always impressed at the way Tapas can wrap her synapses around the most bizarre collection of considerations that I dish up to her as being somehow weirdly connected to the thing we are addressing and just know exactly what to say to the brew in the pot to vanish it, leaving clear skies and endless horizons. Must be quite a vast mind looking on at our little issues, I reckon. Thank you for being amongst us Tapas. A privilege. :-)
Scott M
Thank you Tapas! I very much appreciate being able to work with you and regain peace of mind with TAT. Thank you, Tapas!
Scott M
Thank you Tapas! I had a really nice session with Tapas, and felt some long standing issues shift during and after the session. Thank you Tapas!
That unexpected outcome After helping clear my cat, Max of some unfortunate behavior (scratching and peeing inappropriately), I caught a stray cat I thought had moved under our garage! That very night! Max is still getting used to the idea that the cat is gone, but he hasn't peed inappropriately since the rescue took the cat away. He scratched once when he wanted to go out, but ceased when I assured him I would take him as soon as possible. Very grateful for such a quick transformation. Woohoo! Thank you, Tapas!
Eileen Z
That was incredible! I had the most amazing session and energy reading of my life with Tapas! There was an instant rapport, and she made me feel totally comfortable. And we laughed a lot! Tapas is truly a gem and I will definitely work with her again. Thank you!
The Best! The most fun I have had in a session. I know, I know you don't normally think of releasing emotions from the past and clearing old patterns, memories and baggage from the past as fun. But Tapas is about as fun as it gets...all while holding a space for you with her genuine kind and caring nature. Highly recommend!
Douglas G
The next day . . . Always a pleasure to experience the real and immediate changes that come with this work, as well as the continuing unfolding in the days that follow . . . Doug.
Holly H
The Tapas touch makes the difference I have been practicing TAT for over 20 years. But I found myself stuck with fatigue and pain and confusion. With Tapas's gentle guidance I was able to pull myself back together and reduce the pain, pull myself ( my spirit) back, regain the will to continue healing, and feel hope once again. Somehow Tapas knew the exact words I needed to hear in order for me to allow the grace of healing to return for me. Thank you so much Tapas!
Douglas G
The usual feeling after working with Tapas . . . KOWABUNGA ! ! !
Pauline L
third session- deep clearing WOW finished my 3rd of 6 sessions a couple days ago and I feel so much more lighter and relaxed. Some illnesses that I experienced in my childhood came up that I forgot about. They effected me more than I realized and it will be so good to clear them. I'm looking forward to my next session. Thank you so much Tapas for your patience and insight! Bless you!
Kim B
This has really worked for me I've used tatlife a number of times this year, and her services have really worked for me. This has been a really crappy year losing my sister, my mother, and my show horse within in months of each other has brought up alot of personal issues and this process has been exceptional at reaching those hard to reach places! Thank-you :)
James M
Transformative Deeply powerful and meaningful work. I feel much lighter, freeer and happier.
Marilyn H
Trauma Relieved Tapas worked with me recently on a traumatic event that happened at my house. The trauma was cleared with her expert help and marvelous TAT.
efi m
tritment Tapas is very nice and worm persen. i hope to see soon the resoltes.
Sharon P
Trouble Losing Weight I am in deep gratitude for the session I had with you yesterday. I am having alot of trouble losing weight - even 5 lbs. I eat properly and exercise and just knew there had to be something else going on. You took me step by step to see some stuff I am still holding onto. I was able to get great insight in the emotional department on this issue. I learned how never feeling full was related to parts of me never feeling fulfilled in other parts of my life. You patiently helped me move through several aspects of the problem. No matter what issue came up for me - my family, my past relationships, or beliefs that were compounding the problem - you helped me keep on track and take me to the next aspect. I felt I did not get caught up in any of the stories that were surfacing. Gently you led me through an amazing session of helping all those parts of me that had unresolved concerns. I felt so calm at the end of the session. I needed a few glasses of water after we finished. Alot of healing was happening. I am excited to see the changes in my weight begin to occur after that amazing session.
Michele B
True Presence Tapas gives the gift of her full attention and presence, which in turn brings all of me back to my true presence and my real self.
anne d
trying too hard dear Tapas, the next day my work went smooth and the trying hard had subsided. Thank you so much for such easy transformation. I love working with you!! warmly Anne
Marie P
unknown :) Amazingly! what I 'planned' for wasn't the hidden issue that was resolved! one on one with Tapas is comforting! knowing it is all about ME! wow
Linda H
unloved Unwanted Undeserving This ones really powerful and I could feel a lot of healing for me, especially doing the "wow statements". it was perfectly lovingly, delivered by Tapas, thank you again, Love, Linda H.
unresolved family issues every family has it's quirks....mine included...
Stacy G
Very cool experience TATLife and Tapas really helped me think through and come to resolute outcomes. It was a fantastic hour of discovery and healing. thank you TATlife.
Shoshana M
Very effective I have had several sessions with Tapas and she has been spot-on with her body scan and being able to see where my challenges lay. I would highly recommend working with her for either physical and/or emotional issues.
chana g
very enjoyable Working with Tapas is a treat!
very grateful Tapas took my hurts and kissed them making ME better! No judgement or ridicule towards what I needed help with. IT is gone! I feel love again :)
Scott M
Very helpful My session with Tapas felt friendly and supportive as alwsys, and my TAT sessions the last few months have resulted in my feeling less charged and anxious about several situations in my life. I definitely appreciate my ability to work one on one with Tapas through the phone sessions I have been doing with her. They have been very helpful for me. Thank you!
Scott M
Very helpful! My session with Tapas was very helpful to me. Thank you, Tapas!
Susan T
"We are all just walking each other home!" Dear Tapas; I truly enjoyed my first group experience. The open, welcoming tone is so inviting. I appreciated the honest, "real" sharing, and continue to be gleefully amazed at the relief brought by TAT. Many thanks, Sue
Cynthia S
Welcome home to TAT It has been quite a while, since I have last done TAT for myself and it has always been one of my "go to's" for its beauty, simplicity and powerful nature. It was wonderful working with Tapas One-on-one. The process has evolved and it feels like such a sacred event to do this work with her. I did feel shifts immediately, and I look forward to another session soon.
where there's smoke? there's fire!! in my session, I will now regard Tapas as a fire fighter:) extinguishing smoky memories and repercussions involved around them. what freedom!! finally :)
Addie Van Der Kooy
With much gratitude This session was special, leaving a residue of much gratitude for having both worked together on what wanted to be heard, assured and released. Also very glad you were nourished by the session. Love working with you!
With thanks Lovely service - quick, stress free and effective . Looking forward to the next session . Many thanks
Micheline M
Wonderful Tapas is a wonderful professional and a fabulous teacher! I am so grateful for her wisdom, her respect for her student/client. Every session with her is a blessing. TAT is such a wonderful tool to feel happy and to improve any aspect of my life. I see great results in me and my clients.
betsey p
wonderful wonderful as always.
betsey p
wonderful working with tapas is great--and it really does the job!
Debbie M
Wonderful! Thank you
Julia B
Wonderful! As always, it was a joy to work with you. You are compassionate, wise and light-hearted all at the same time.
Marilyn H
Wonderful, as always! This was the first time doing a Skype session with Tapas. To do a TAT session by Skype was almost as beautiful as being in the same room with her. Tapas is extremely attentive to every word, every nuance, and every change, and helped me to move easily through different steps, most of which were using the "parts" script. Many layers surfaced for me, and all were dealt with in such a loving and welcoming manner, which is Tapas' "signature of excellence. I am so great fun for her presence and skill, and she and TAT are important components to my healing.
Bojana S
wonderful experience I had a wonderful experience and I am grateful to Tapas for all the help, love and guidance she gave me. I feel much relieved and lighter after our skype session. Thank you, Tapas! Love!
Jessica G
Wonderful, helpful consult with Tapas I had a consultation with Tapas the other night. It was quite helpful. I was experiencing anxiety, and she helped me figure out where the energy flow was stuck in my body, as well as addressing some losses in my past, contributing to diminished connection to myself and others, as well as physical feelings of anxiety. I felt the energy flow increase where it was stuck, leaving me with a sense of lightness in my chest. I continue to experience this lightness two days later. Tapas has a wonderful, intuitive way of helping people discover how to connect with their sense of grace.
betsey p
wonderful session it is wonderful to work with tapas.
Lisa Lemucchi
Wonderful session! Felt more relaxed & peaceful after TAT with Tapas❤️
Bart S
Working with Tapas I did a body scan session with Tapas the other day. I enjoyed working with her. One of the things we worked on was my allergies which greatly effects my eyes. That really seems to help. Another issue was headaches that wake me up early in the morning. I did manage to sleep through the night which is always great, but when I did wake up I had the headache. The jury is still out on that because the body just may need time to adapt to the new way of being. For now I am happy with my response with the allergies.
kate t
wow i have done alot of emdr and eft to eliminate trauma and it works - however, compared to TAT with Tapas it's slow - TAT i had 4 or. 5 - extreem traumas that have come up deep ones that i had not yet been able to get to root of TAT session dealt with the current trauma and go back to the origional traumas too - i feel very different today plus my cheeks are rosy again (i was so traumatized i had gone white) and im very calm - just getting used to this new untriggered or terrified state
Kara S
Wow, just Wow I brought a really big issue to Tapas and didn't know how it could possibly all be healed in our one session together. It blew me away. I feel like I went through a cosmic car wash. Thank you Tapas :-)
Douglas G
Yay Triple yay ! ! !
Doug G
Yay Gentle, to the point, no BS, just great results.
Doug G
Yay ! Awesome, ridiculously good, so effective . . .
Doug G
Yay. I used to think I could not do the Hokey Pokey, but I have changed my mind . . .
Doug G
Yes I would not normally say this, but "Life changing" applies here. Yay!
Deborah S
You are the Best! Tapas, you answered all my questions and gave me something really helpful to work on on my own as well. As always you are a delight! Always a pleasure to work with you. I feel affirmed and supported!
Great session Grateful for having the chance to work with Tapas and for her work. I immediately felt calm and relaxed after our session and have also had many great insights over the course of a week that have helped me easily process a long-standing issue/ block. We accomplished a lot in an hour!
Gwyneth M
The Squatter Appointment It was lovely to work with Tapas by skype. We had met several times before, years ago, so it was really nice to connect again. The call and video quality was very good and it was just like we were together. I really felt that I had her full energetic attention and the work was deep and profound. Thank you Tapas.
Becky A
Deep peace I came in with very long list for the pot, not expecting much. I drove home & took a nap, then felt the need to cleanse my energy with an Epsom salt & baking soda bath. What a surprise I had later that day when I started to feel such a deep peace in all my being & in my energy field. I noticed how I was tolerant of things that used to trigger me. I noticed I had some old patterns of thinking that came up but they no longer held any emotional charge. My awareness is more astute in observing horses in their body language & other animals via very subtle pathways of communication. I am grateful for this simple efficient type of amazing healing. I am happy for the expanded awareness that seemed to increase after the healing with Tappas. IN Deep Appreciation, Becky